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Hello, all!  My name is Hannah.  I’m a new contributor here.  I’ve worked with progressive campaigns, groups, and what have you.  But what I’m really known for is moderating STFU, Pro-Life.  It works as a page where everyone can find or share information and occasionally be entertained by my snarky and facetious responses to the anti-choice movement.  It’s definitely not as light as I’m making it sound.  There are definite clear, simple take down moments.  But enough of STFU, Pro-Life, I won’t be going over that too much.

My goal on this site is to be another lantern in the movement to drive away the forces that leave so many of our peers in the dark about reproductive/sexual health and rights.  I will go beyond the discourse of abortion.  I will cover what I feel needs to be addressed.  Every blog post will be like an inch of the blinds of ignorance being pulled up.  We’re fighting misinformation and misconceptions here.  It won’t be an easy task, but it’s something worth doing.  It’s not just for the pursuit of mind expansion and knowledge, but because our lives are honestly on the line.  

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