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(See link: http://stfuprolife.tumblr.com/post/42021609348/all-states-except-oregon-now-limit-abortion-access)

The above graph lists all the states and their abortion restrictions.  Although, Roe v. Wade gives people the right to abortion, Planned Parenthood v. Casey gave states the right to limit access to abortion without posing an “undue burden.”  Even though the World Health Organization has already declared that a restriction or limitation of safe, legal, and accessible abortion leads to a decrease in health for people, specifically women (although we all have the understanding that it’s not just women who are affected by this).

Some states have less than a handful of clinics that can even provide these services and some states simply have unreasonable restrictions that prevent people from getting the healthcare they need.  This forces people to travel, sometimes out of their means, to get an abortion.  Others seek more dangerous options.  Until this changes, there are some things that are helping people right now.

There is a particular page that I have been supporting on my own site (ST*U, Pro-Life) called the Abortion Assistance Blog.  This is how it describes itself:

A collection of abortion funds, individuals willing to provide transportation and/or lodging before and after your appointment, and other resources.

This blog is intended to be a resource for people of all genders, races, sexualities, and abilities. If you are offering help, but not willing to help someone based on one of those categories, please say so. Everyone deserves to be safe and supported.

This blog has several links, providing help and information.  It lets readers know how they can help or where they can find help.  Many people go on the blog leaving contact information or simply letting others know that they could provide transportation, lodging, or monetary support.  I recommend to everyone to check it out and share.

It’s just not enough to just say that we support reproductive/sexual health care and rights anymore.  It never has been.