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As someone who is Vietnamese and also identifies as being queer, these images really struck a chord with me.  I rarely really see backgrounds or faces like my own in the LGBTQ or mainstream feminist/reproductive & sexual healthcare and rights movement, due to lack of representation and exclusion.

So, I’m sharing a few images of queer folks in Vietnam.

This couple of one year (Phat & Minh) are grooming their dogs.


This couple of one year (Vy & Bay) are just relaxing at home, watching TV and snacking.

This couple (Thien and Vuong) works at a wedding studio together and are having some lunch.

They’ve been together for more than five years now.  Ly is drying her cat after a bath, and Huyen is trying her new blades.

Hung and Ngan are relaxing at home, listening to some music.  They’ve been together for six years.


Consider this a lens into another culture.  They’re real people who are experiencing love.  They’re just ordinary people doing ordinary things.

Beyond aesthetics, I find these images to be great political statements given the social context.
Check out the photographer responsible for these images!