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If you haven’t heard already, the law makers in North Dakota are pushing for another anti-choice bill.  This time it’s an abortion ban on the basis of personhood.  If passed, this would effectively give fertilized eggs all the rights of U.S. citizens.  And it would cut off abortion care completely.  Beyond abortion this bill would also charge doctors who damage embryos in any way with criminal negligence.  It also prevents doctors from being able to perform in vitro fertilizations.  Now you might be thinking an unconstitutional bill like this couldn’t possibly get passed by Senate or the House, but it did.  Shockingly, it passed the House by a vote of 57-35 and it’s currently making its way to the Governor’s desk.

The state’s recent six-week abortion ban is already in direct violation of Roe v. Wade and will bring about several legal costs for taxpayers when challenged.  This next measure of a total abortion ban will surely cause North Dakota to face the same results, costing the state more than they bargained for.  And how will they pay for these litigations?

During a recent debate between Senator Margaret Sitte and Dr. Kristen Cain about the abortion restrictions and pending abortion ban, Senator Sitte accidentally lets something slip.  When asked if these bills will cost taxpayers possibly millions, Senator Sitte unintentionally admits that there are outside interests behind the unconstitutional abortion bans who are willing to spend those millions to make sure people in North Dakota will not have access to reproductive healthcare and rights.  Watch as Senator Sitte tries to lie her way out of it.

Watch the debate between Senator Sitte and Dr. Cain!

This abortion ban won’t be a law until Governor Jack Darlymple of North Dakota signs it, and it’s unclear if he will or won’t.

To contact Governor Jack Darlymple:

Office of Governor

State of North Dakota
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