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The Righteous Retreat that was going to be held at Nottoway Plantation, a place full of triggering thoughts and connections to slavery used to host a feminist singer-songwriter event, was thankfully canceled by Ani DiFranco.  What has transpired this last few weeks was another display of racism from white feminists failing to check their privilege.  It was a clear obliviousness of the essential need for intersectionality.  Since the official announcement of the venue, justifiable outrage from women of color feminists were heard but were also dismissed with the usual claims that lacked understanding and critical thinking: “You’re perpetuating racism!/We can reclaim this piece of history!”  Women of color feminists, specifically black feminists and women, were told to “get over it. Slavery’s done with.”

The venue for the Righteous Retreat and Twitter gave birth to another great satirical hashtag, #AniDiFrancoRetreatIdeas, where many progressive individuals shared their witty and snarky jabs at such a clueless slip up.

Call outs were found in the comments of the Facebook event page, and as a response to the criticism, there was one person in particular named Mandi Harrington who took the extra step to maintain supremacy and dismiss the words of black women.  She created a black woman persona, stealing some black woman’s photo and created her own name to defend her comments.  But what she thought was a vernacular black women used was actually her own racist projections.

And what has been Ani Difranco’s response to all of this?  Well, it was certainly a long one–almost too long for what should have been a simple and succinct, “I’m sorry.  I messed up.”  What should have been an apology ended up being explanation without any responsibility or blame from her part and feeling more grieved by this lost opportunity rather than true empathy for those who have been truly hurt from this incident.  Her full explanation can be read here.

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