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Homosexuality has been linked to AIDS from the beginning when the epidemic was first identified in 1981.  In those days, early media referred to it as Gay-Related Immune Deficiency (GRID) meaning it only struck gay men.   Today, the connection between AIDS and gay men still  exist despite the fact that not only gay men engage in anal sex.  Many people consider anal intercourse against the order of nature but truth of the matter is, even heterosexuals partners indulge in such act.  Therefore, I believe that the act is not the problem as much as is the fact that people are having unprotected sex.  That’s the problem!  And for those who did not know, here’s a news flash: both anal and vaginal intercourse may increase one’s likelihood to get infected with HIV if one does not use a condom. 

Anti-gay movements condemn homosexuals arguing that these people go against what the Bible preaches, engage in immoral acts and influence other people especially children to become homosexuals.  Taking these arguments from a religious perspective, it allows for some justifiability but when one goes to the extent of blaming homosexuals for starting the epidemic and hence for the present HIV/AIDS situation then that is utterly unfair, not to mention ridiculous.  People need to realize that AIDS is not a homosexual disease.  The reason why HIV/AIDS is so prevalent is because there are people out there who are not protecting themselves when having sex, not to mention those who are victims of rape, and those who get it from sharing contaminated needles. 

If you are one of those who believes him/herself to be Superman or Wonder Woman then, I’m sorry but I’ll have to burst your bubble.  Being responsible for one’s own sexuality and the sexuality of others is key to preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS, STI’s and even unwanted pregnancies.  There is no need to blame homosexuals when everybody is having sex out there.  Always remember that HIV/AIDS and STI’s can only be prevented if you use a condom and if you use it properly.  Condoms can break and it only needs to break once to change your entire life.

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