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Promiscuity as we know it is the practice of having casual sex with multiple sex partners.  Such practice is very evident in our modern society.  Many people think that because such things as condoms and contraceptives exist,  STI’s, HIV, and unwanted pregnancies shouldn’t be a problem but truth of the matter is that the problem is still there and mainly because of misconceptions, wrong information or simply the lack of it.  While the problem is also due to the countless numbers of careless people who despite knowing the facts feel like superman or Wonder Woman, promiscuity is having a great impact on the rates of HIV/AIDS, STI’s and unwanted pregnancies.

My experience with other people has taught me that alcohol and drug abuse are among the principal causes that lead young people into casual sex.  It would be asking for the impossible if one asks young people to stop drinking because they won’t.  The only thing they can do is to learn to control their minds and bodies.   Sex is pleasurable of course, and once the person feels that no damage is being done by having sex regardless of the number of sex partners, one feels invincible and will continue seeking the pleasure of any casual sex under the influence of drugs or not.   But the problem becomes more of a issue when they forget to protect themselves.

But protecting oneself goes beyond responsibility.  It is about respect and love for oneself.  Acting responsibly especially when consuming alcohol and drugs shows that one cares for his well-being and actions as well as that of others.  So, unless you want to live more and enjoy more you gotta start acting like responsibly.  Sometimes we learn from other people’s mistakes, other times we need to make mistakes in order to learn.   Let us take the initiative to educate ourselves and others so that we may gain consciousness and live longer.




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