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Are you ready to bring all 50 states into a head to head competition? Then let’s get ready to RUMBLE!!! At this moment, 48 state legislative sessions are up and running across the United States (Louisiana and Florida start in late spring). We are ready to give you the inside scoop on state policy as it shakes and shimmies through the state legislature. For us to have the ultimate victory dance and win the “war on women”, LGBT equality, pass comprehensive sex education, and work towards an AIDS free generation we must keep our eyes on the state legislative process. In 2012, state policy worked to erode reproductive and sexual health care and information, voting rights, immigrant rights, and student rights. We have to pick up a new routine, join our friends (activists and advocates), and bust a move to stop terrible legislation in 2013 and support great policies as they move.

The question is, how do we shake things up? Diana Thu-Thao Rhodes and myself make up the State Strategies Team at Advocates for Youth. We would like to invite you to put on your dancing shoes and join us each week as we moonwalk through the good, the bad, and the ugly of what is moving in state legislative policy. In addition, we will show case great examples of youth activists changing policy. If you want to channel your inner policy diva, then join us on the second and fourth Wednesday of every month. Also, let us know if there is something we should highlight. In the words of the great Queen B (aka Beyonce), “Can you handle this?”

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Diana                    Hemly

Diana is going to kick us off this week!!

Curated by Hemly Ordonez, State Strategies Manager at Advocates for Youth.        

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