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Hello fellow safe sites!

With Valentines day about a month away, I’ve been brainstorming condom campaign ideas. I have done the usual Valentines day goodie bag that included condoms and candy, but wanted to get some feedback from my peers across the country. I want to do something awesome and memorable in the Student Union a few days before the day of.  Have you had a successful V-day distribution at your school? What did you do?  Any and all ideas welcome!!



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  • rikkiyouthresource

    At SDSU, we use to make condom roses and wrap the condoms in red cellophane and make stems out of skewers and tissue paper. Be careful not to pierce the condoms.

    If you do not have enough condoms, make Hershey Kiss roses (two kisses bottom to bottom, wrap with red cellophane and attach to “stem”) hand out with condoms, or you can charge 50 cents for the candy rose and mention that the condoms are free! A lot of people bought three or four!

    Another great idea was to table! You can promote your organizations have a Valentine’s mad lib, hand out condoms and lube and have them tweet to your organization’s twitter what is their favorite thing to do with condoms.

    Maybe you could set up a station to do home made cards and have condoms out for people to take. Maybe, make a few cards for examples, that incorporate non-open condoms you could put in the card. For example, Hey So and So, I just wanted you to know I care! Here is a condom so we both stay safe! Maybe Valentine’s Day would be a great day to use it!

    Another possibility is to hold a sweat hearts dance. Durex Condoms, have a Valentine’s themed condom, if you could get your hands on them, that would be fun to have available for the dance!

    Please post what you end up doing! I would love to hear about it!!!

  • Goldfabulous

    At ASU we make condom grams that have some punny poems (like: listen to cupid but don’t be stupid. Wear a condom!) on them and tape on a condom and a piece of candy.