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So once again the US government should be commended for a brave step in deconstructing gender /sexual norms. Yesterday while browsing the net I came across an article in the Politics Daily that read “On Passports, Mother and Father Will Soon Be ‘Parent 1′ and ‘Parent 2’”. The article stated that the state department announced earlier this week of its new changes on its websites. This was in an effort to comply with gender neutral terms that have increased due to the recognition of gay and lesbian unions in the U.S.

Now as we know any form of change must be faced with opposition and with a change as controversial and drastic as this one its no surprise when US Christian conservatives lashed out against the move. Now I know I’m not a US citizen BUT I do believe all that happens in the great U.S of A affects us all as global citizens. With that said I must comment the state department on such a brave and long awaited move.

I mean let’s face it not all mothers are (moms) and fathers (dads), most are just sperm donors and the lady who gave birth. Your parent whether it’s a mom and dad, mom and mom or dad and dad are those who witnessed your first few steps, call you just to say I love you, tell you no relationships until you 20 or when you leave their house. In all honest these are the people will love you infinitely and be there even when you don’t need them to.

So once again kudos to the US state department and I’m sure the gay and lesbian community are all smile this morning. Hope to see this change being utilized global.

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