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I found a story today on the CCN website that drew my attention instantly, it was entitled “Soccer’s last taboo: Why gay players stay in the closet”. The story is about Anton Hysen a 20-year old midfielder for his home country Sweden and former under 17 Swedish international player.

Hysen decided obviously that enough is enough and went public with his story last month to a local Swedish Football Magazine. He became the second international football player (soccer player) to have publicly revealed his sexual orientation following 21 years ago when former English player Fashanu ousted himself and later committed suicide. Hysen told the magazine that “I am a footballer and [I am] gay. If I perform as a footballer, then I do not think it matters if I like girls or boys," I bold statement I would but a true one. Why does ones sexual orientation have to affect his/her capacity to perform to his/her ability? Why should a gay footballer be less of player/teammate than a heterosexual player? Can science prove that one’s sexual orientation affects his or he athletic capabilities?

As a lover of all forms of sports I think this disillusion that athletes cannot be homosexual and if so they need to be shunned or dismissed is utter rubbish. In fact most of these publicly gay sportsmen and women are champions within their respective disciplines.
I think now is the perfect time for more sportsmen and women to come forward and identify themselves with the gay and lesbian community and take a stand against discrimination, stigma and unfair treatment within the sporting arena. In addition the international sporting arena needs to enact strict legislation any form of discrimination based on sexual orientation.

For further read here is the link to the story.


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