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Stacie Laughton

In a previous blog post, I had explained how New Hampshire, in terms of state level policy, is not one of the most trans friendly states. Well, in Nashua, NH, history was made when Stacie Laughton became the first openly transgender state representative in the United States.

From the Huffington Post:

New Hampshire joins neighboring Maine in making history this Election Night, welcoming its very first transgender lawmaker.

The Nashua Telegraph reports that Stacie Laughton, a Democrat, beat out two Republican candidates for one of three seats in the state\’s House of Representatives in Ward 4. In the interview, Laughton told the Telegraph\’s Joseph G. Cote that she hopes her victory will inspire other lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) candidates in both local and national politics.

“My hope is that now maybe we’ll see more people in the community running, maybe for alderman,\” she said. \”We are people, too, who still have talents and ideas. And I hope that people won’t be afraid to get into politics, or any other position, for that matter. I want the community to feel inspired.\”

I did not hear anything about this individual running, mostly because I was focused here in my home state of Pennsylvania. However, before election day, there was not even a discussion of her running for office anywhere, even on the more trans friendly parts of the LGBT blogosphere, and it possibly was done with good reason, as unfortunately, trans people still face a massive animus from voters, and given that her district is next to Massachusetts, where a conservative judge granted convicted killer Michelle Kosilek her gender confirmation surgery, much to the consternation of the potential electorate.

She has stated that she wishes to focus on the issues, and not her identity, focusing a great deal on advocating for the homeless, the mentally ill, the physically disabled, as well as public schools. However, the social justice strain that many transgender people have (and many cisgender gay males disdain) is ever present in her ideology, and in terms of trans issues, she has a lot cut out for her, including updating the state\’s non-discrimination laws to include gender identity and to allow for people to change their ID/driver\’s license without surgery.

Congrats Ms. Laughton, may you serve with pride!!!


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