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Tomorrow is election day, and like millions of Americans, I will be going down to my polling place and casting my vote (Pennsylvania is still in the dark ages in terms of early voting, so I am stuck doing it on the day of). However, given issues surrounding transgender people and voter ID, it can be very difficult for us to get out and vote. Well, a group called True The Vote is trying to intimidate people out of voting, and they are using transphobia to intimidate voters.

From Pam’s House Blend:

A(n)…organization called “True the Vote” is training their volunteer poll watchers to target transgender voters. True the Vote’s training manual features a transphobic image that claims transgender people are fraudulent voters and should be denied the right to vote.

NCTE Executive Director Mara Keisling said, “It is disgraceful that True the Vote would try to thug anyone into not voting. True the Vote’s true agenda is a shameful attempt to scare trans people away from participating in our democracy.”

I am almost always getting nightmares in my head about whether when I go to a certain high school in Southeast Philadelphia, I will be blocked from my right to vote, either by a poll clerk who will question my ID or by some jackbooted thug who wants to take the law into their own hands. I do not want confrontation, I just want to vote in peace, but if somebody wants to mess with me, well, they don’t know who I know, what I know, and what hot water they will be in if they mess with me.

Here are some resources for trans voters:

The Voting While Trans Checklist:

Now the above is something you should print out and bring to your polling place, however, I have gotten this copypasta from Facebook as well.

Before you go to vote on tomorrow:
* Write down these phone #s: Election Protection: 1-866-OUR-VOTE & FBI Voter Intimidation: 202.514.0880
* If someone tries to keep you from voting, take a picture of them on your cell phone camera. And try to get their name.

I know I will be bringing these resources to the polling place tomorrow. May I be able to vote in peace.

-Jordan Gwendolyn Davis




Categories: Transgender Issues