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Mama’ Hip-Hop Kitchen 2013


Mama’s Hip-Hop Kitchen (MHHK) is an event held annually by the creators Lah Tierre and Kathleen Adams. This event allows for female educators, students, activists, DJs, emcees, b-girls, poets, visual artists and dancers to convene together advocating for comprehensive sexual education curriculum in all school districts, smaller class sizes and educational opportunities for all children.  People come from all around the United States to be a part of this monumental event.


What separates MHHK from other similar events is that the focus is on promoting autonomy, confidence, and pride not only in our gender but our own respective cultures. MHHK gives young adolescent girls the chance to organize and construct an event focused around exigent issues pertaining to their age group.


Not only are young adolescent girls organizing the event, but they are also given the opportunity to show case their talents and use their talents to illustrate a point. Some of the issues that the young girls discussed and portrayed were misogyny in society, violence against women, equal and quality education, comprehensive sex education, learning of one’s heritage, and confidence.


Mama’s Hip-Hop Kitchen has not only created a platform for young girls and women to convene to discuss pertinent issues, but also creates an avenue for young girls and women to continue to advocate for change and equality.


I felt a great sense of empowerment, inspiration, and admiration for women. Often times when doing work around advocacy for women and youth, a person can begin to feel exhausted and frustrated. Attending Mama’s Hip Hop Kitchen not only gave me the boost I needed, but it also revved up my enthusiasm and passion around this work. I left the event with enlightenment, thoughts, and dreams to continue this work in my own community.

Categories: Young People