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 For you, Halloween might mean trick or treating, candy binges, fun parties in costumes, pumpkin-flavored stuff, and scary movie marathons. It also means that somewhere out there, there are people whose "Eureka!" moments are kinda dumb, and consist of trying to make a buck off everything. I’m sure you’ve all been to costume store websites and have seen some of the ridiculous ways in which items and people from popular culture are "sexified". What’s that? You haven’t? Well let me show you what I’m talking about.

I understand the sexy bunny and sexy cat costumes, but how do you get this… from this… 
That’s one helluva sexy bird. The kind you DON’T want to take home to your mama.

Hide yo husband, hide yo son, hide yo daddy ‘cos there’s a sexy raccoon in town.

What did poor Nemo ever do to you? All he wanted was to find his way back home! How do you get sexy from that?

As though the blatant hyper-sexualization of women wasn’t already an issue, one sicko woke up one morning and said, "Hmmmm. What’s sexier than a sexy scrabble board? Or a sexy takeout box? I know! A sexy bodybag!"

Folks, there you have it, the latest addition to the growing list of disturbing sexy costumes – The "Jane Doe DOA Bodybag Adult Costume"

"He will will be dead on arrival when you show up in this drop dead sexy Jane Doe DOA bodybag adult women’s costume. The dress hugs your every curve and the zipper..well, how low does it go? You decide! You can zip it all the way up and close the hood, or zip it down when he goes down…"
Now tell me again what you were saying about me taking these halloween costumes too seriously. Mhmmmm. Thought so.

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  • Rosanna Dixon

    I assume you’ve seen this: http://io9.com/5950653/

    • KarachiYWOCLC

      If I were a child, I’d be scarred for life. I LOL-ed at “sexy corn”. Yandy.com is a particular bad perpetrator of these shenanigans. They have sexy hamburger, trash can and watermelon costumes. I’m having a really hard time figuring out how a trash can could possibly be sexy.

  • Briana_YWOCLC

    So do you think it is contributing to the hyper-sexualization of women in our culture, or do people even take this seriously since it is Halloween and “Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it”? Because I lean toward the latter, but I do not know if that just feeds into the former. Is it more important there is one night where the cultural stigma of dressing “like a slut” is accepted in order to further the sex negative aspect of our culture, or should we be more concerned with discouraging the further (contradictory) hyper-sexualization of women in our culture? I’m kind of torn.

    • http://stfuprolife.tumblr.com Hannah Le

      These are all good questions.

  • Jack

    It’s just a holiday to have fun nothing else, I mean even men dress in sexy costumes, I believe if you want to show off your body that’s up to you, and may I point out you try to defend yaya han for being revealing because of her hobby but shame other women for having fun, wow you have to be the biggest hypocrite I’ve come across in awhile and that’s saying a lot.

    • KarachiYWOCLC

      The notification system for this site needs improvements. That said, I think you are very skilled at missing the point.

      Nowhere in this post is there a mention of women being worthy of anything less than respect because they choose to wear these costumes. This post is about the ridiculous need to sexualize everything, and the subsequent reaping of profits from the commercialization of these needlessly sexualized costumes. It is clearly making fun of the fact that none of these animals or objects are considered sexy in daily life.

      Are you trying to tell me that it makes sense for a takeout container or a scrabble board to be sexy? Do you really look at a body bag and go, “Screw the fact that you’re used to transport corpses. You’re so sexy!”?