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Up until last week Tuesday, this is where I resided. I don’t think I have ever had so many feelings during an election. Mostly, I was cross as a bag of weasels. Boy! Was I mad! I couldn’t believe that there were ACTUALLY people out there who supported Romney. And not just that, but also the fact that the race was such a close one. There was so much at stake and as much as I joked about packing my bags and heading home to Nigeria if Romney won, I was dead serious.

Some of the more important issues to me were the LGBT ones dealing with marriage equality and same-sex relationships being included in school curriculum. There were so many people fighting against progress and I wanted to find them all and smack them across the face one by one. You want to fight for the right to decide what your kids are taught in school? How ’bout you home school them instead of tainting all the other children with your bigotry.

About a week or more before the elections came to a close, there was a piece in the New York Times about a man who claimed to be ex-gay and was fighting against legislation that would make those horrible conversion programs illegal because they are quite horrible n0t to mention un-scientific, and have contributed to depression and suicidal tendencies in young people. Mr. My-sexuality-is-a-light-switch Smith from moral high-ground city, of the ex-gay endangered species believes that homosexuality is a sin, and has battled with naughty feelings towards men for 17 years, but is now able to find women attractive. I hope and pray eagerly for the day when we are all in agreement about the evolutionary and fluid nature of sexuality. I personally do not think that labels of sexual orientation are things that one picks out of a bag on some kind of orientation day and has to stick with for the rest of his/her life. Why is it not possible, for a person to be attracted solely to the same sex, and then later to an opposite one? Plus, it’s about a whole lot more than glitter-fueled raves and one-night stands.

Another individual Aaron Blitzer, had this to say about the conversion therapies – “If I’d known about these therapies as a teen I could have avoided a lot of depression, self-hatred and suicidal thoughts…” Well boo-boo, the fact that you felt so ashamed of yourself is something that you could have sought help for, and can still seek help for. It is quite selfish to make possible the existence of programs that could do more harm than good to others. You felt ashamed of yourself and so you feel that others should feel the same?

Another turd called the label ‘gay’ sociopolitical and says that all people are heterosexual but some have a homosexual problem. You sir, are a blight on the collective that is humanity. I hope the Westboro Baptist Church finally establishes their “holy nation” somewhere far, far away and that you and your kind go with them, never to be heard from again.

I really can’t stand it when people blame their problems on their sexuality and try to project their complexes on to others by making ridiculous claims. You cannot base such a large and far-reaching decision on a credo or philosophy that is not collective. Stop trying to make us your robot sheep. Also, please get over yourselves.

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  • Jessie Laterall

    So about that heath care plan again and people losing their jobs and coverage not to mention a president who’s wasted more money then his last 7 predecessors combined. I love how he’s got caught lying as well, and before you try me just realize I’m black and I’m fed up with this mans stupid action, he needs to grow up and get over his sorry ass kanye west pride.