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In today’s news about innovation, here’s an awesome post I found on Tumblr today. The poster Jane, came up with the most interesting way to come out to one’s parents that I’ve ever heard of.

So I’ve been planning since summer to come out to my parents over thanksgiving break (it gives them a month-long grace period, and then home for the holidays). I figure that I won’t be able to explain it all too well, so I made em a booklet.

I shared this with a few friends before break, and they requested I upload it, so here it is! I’m gonna go a little crazy in the tags too, in the hopes that someone who really needs it might see it. peace.


  • cindy

    I honestly think she might be on to something here. When I came out to my mom I was shaking, terrified, and I’m sure she could sense that I was ashamed as my voice was low and cracked. I wonder what would have happened if I had forced positivity on her and done it in a more comedic or hopeful way, maybe she would have ran with it :). Very cool article.