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I found a photo of a woman holding up a placard asking for greater coverage of a suspected murder. In Valdosta, GA, 17 year-old Kendrick Johnson was found dead in a pile of mats at his high school. The photo I found on Facebook however, tells a different story.

Accompanying text reads, “His name is Kendrick Kj Johnson he was beaten to death at his High School here in Valdosta Ga the police is covering up his story by saying there was no foul play but clearly you can see its a lie. They have yet to give the Johnson/Tooley family any answers. Im only asking for a minute of your time to plz share his story we need all the support we can get. Please support the Kendrick Kj Johnson movement.”

After a quick google search for related news stories, all I found was coverage of his falling into the pile of mats and dying from the subsequent blood flow to his brain after hanging upside down for an extended period of time. Although foul play is suspected, the speculation of these news stories say nothing about him being beaten to death. Plus one of the news outlets that covered the supposedly fake conclusion was FOX News…’nuff said.

Many have experienced opinions about this case’s similarity to Emmett Till’s. What could possibly be the motive behind this?

Does anyone know the truth about this? Additional information is needed to get justice for this young man’s family.


  • http://www.facebook.com/NJboiEddyG Njboi Eddy G

    this story needs to be heard all across the world for this not to be ingored

    • lisa d moore

      I agree with you that it needs to be across the world and it will with the help of the supports behind the family.

  • disqus_Jw1UsSLIM6

    So far the only similarity to Emmet Till is the fact that his head is bloated. Please tell me this isn’t just someone creating a fake news story or misplaying the race card again. If he was beaten, and someone else did this to him, why has no one picked up the story yet?

  • eb1234

    It looks like his skull is smashed n teeth are missing that is not due to falling in mats…this.story.is.real.n true i believe there was foul play n they.dnt want n e one to know

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  • thetruthdealer

    he was probably gay

    • http://www.facebook.com/jena.powell.9 Jena Powell

      What has his sexual orientation to do with this? Are you saying he was killed because he was gay?

    • christina tee

      you are a dumbass.!!!!!!!!!! whether he was gay or not, THAT should not matter.

    • Desiree

      You look more “gay” than he does you ignorant fuck.

  • tina the gay girl

    He was probably gay ? really? it shouldnt matter if he is gay or straight. This isnt right. Justice needs to be served and i pray for this family. He didnt fall. Come one. The cops or whoever is involved did mot play this one amart. Whats done in the dark comes to light. God sees all!

  • lisa d moore

    this story is true and he was not gay, this young boy was killed at school. the family is asking for justic, a vigil was held today with the NAACP supports, and Rev.Rose, and the committee of Al Sharpton. this story was on the news and papers in Fla. Ga. and surrounding areas. look it up on the internate Kendrick Johnson and you would see that this is real.

  • britanyw

    Omfg stfu to the ones leaven dumb ass comments..this is not fake. I live in valdosta georgia too and the story has been picked up and actually its nation wide so think before you speak..who the fuck wanna play about something this serious smh..anyways justice is coming..#kjmovement

  • Latasha Foley

    There is no way if he was standing on top of a mat that he fell in. What he fell between his own legs. If you look at all the images forKendrick, there is one of someone with their head inside a roll of mats. There is no way with those dreadlocks that his head could fit inside that small A** hole in the center of the mats. Someone put him there. The murderer in that school knows the police in that particular department and the police there are covering it up. The murderer might even b related to someone in that police department. That department needs to be fully investigated. The family should take it to washington. Like the TRAYVON MARTIN CASE, JASMINE THAR CASE, AND THIS ONE THE KENDRICK “K J JOHNSON CASE. We need to come together and fight this messed up so called justice system and protect our YOUNG BLACK, INTELLIGENT, ATHLETIC, STUNNINGLY ATTRACTIVE CHILDREN. R.I.H. DEAR K.J. YOU WILL GET YOU JUSTICE. NO DOUBT. THE ONES RESPONSIBLE WILL NOT GET REST.

    • Barry

      Trayvon got what he deserved. He was shot in self defense. But wait, that can’t possibly be true because Trayvon was black and the man who shot him was not. Blacks are so much more racist than whites. Get over it

      • Latasha Foley

        Trayvon got what he derserved. Are u serious. He was walking to his dads new home in an upscale neighborhood. And just becuse he hadn’t been seen in that area b4 he was being harrassed. Its sad. No one should b catorgorized that way no matter the color. And if that guy would’ve just not followed Trayvon then Trayvon would’ve have to defend himself.

        • http://kdev.us/ kdev

          you dont know shit Latitty. you werent there, and read what shitholes like this place hand-feed you. suuuure.. everytime some dumb wanna-be thug criminal “black” man commits a crime its “OH MY GOD HE WAS MURDERED OMG CONSPIRACY OMG!” keep on keeping on, gives me something to bitch about. meanwhile, act a fool, and you see where it takes you..

          • Rosebeforehoes

            “I am a force of pure evil, acting at random. I am not living, nor are you, we are but, co-existing…” LMFAO…you fucking athiest loser

          • Amplify_Staff

            Please do not use abusive language. Please discuss the issue respectfully as per the terms of use. Or, you will not be permitted to post here. Thanks. (1)

          • Amplify_Staff

            Please do not use abusive language. Please discuss the issue respectfully as per the terms of use. Or, you will not be permitted to post here. Thanks.

      • ashley1215

        Dont say a word if you haven’t walked in our shoes!!!!

      • Proud to be Black

        You are a silly, ignorant individual that has no place in the human kingdom, if you think that seventeen year old child that was being tracked by another individual just as ignorant as you got what he deserved them I am sure somewhere in your trailer park there is a big enough rock that you can crawl under with the rest of the slimy creatures.

        • http://kdev.us/ kdev

          you proud to be black! spread it loud! lol. now, if i change my name to “proud to be white” im a fucking racist right? have you googled double-standard ever in your apedom? now dont chimpout on me just yet, i’d like to hear your fatherless yet “educated” response…

      • http://twitter.com/mr_s0lodoloist Clark_Ken

        You idiotic troll …what did he do exactly to be shot…was it “being black?” For christ sake the kid was innocently walking home..this has been proven…remember your comments for what goes around comes around…

      • cre

        You are stupid no one deserves what trayvon got not any race only someone evil with no heart would say that go to hell

    • http://kdev.us/ kdev

      god damn niggers and their fucking race card every god damn motherfucking time.. fuck off and go read infowars you fucking numbskull ape monkey nignogs.

      • cre

        You stupid fuck you the nigger white trash white people aint shit yall are suicidal and you kill your whole family go to hell salami smelly azz

        • Cindy-Lou Heinemann-Catlett

          Don’t be Hippocrates! You are both lowering yourselves to showing your true opinionsout of anger! get a few idiot points for bringing the racial you out of the closet! Feel better?

          • Cindy-Lou Heinemann-Catlett

            A civil debate on the facts without insultingothers would be too mature?!

  • tashamiller

    i wnet to chool with him and he was my friend and my friend wasnt gay.he was the quietest and sweetest friend you would ever meet. and justice will be served.so the negative comments are irrelevant since you dont stay around valdosta ga.

  • linda

    When will these piece of shits stop doing this to our people history is fucking repeating itself these stupid mother fuckers first Trayvon Martin now this, but when that shit went down in Connecticut the boy “had mental issues” there is no damn reason for someone to be beating like this ! These fucking devils but if the shoe was on the other foot and somebody beat a white child to death its no disscusion about that. They’ll throw a black man under the jail for ever maybe even death penalty…idgaf what anyone says this is RACISM in every form undercover !

    • Barry

      yes, you are Racist!!! Trayvon was shot in self defense. He was on top of Zimmerman and he was in fear of his life. However, you racist blacks want to make it a “race related” murder. Get over yourself!!!

  • Bunny

    I do not know this young man or his family and I am shocked to find out about his story. This is 2013 and this should not be happening. I think a new investigation should be started by an outside agency from a neighboring community (they could get someone from Atlanta, Georgia or have Eric Holder appoint someone). Any evidence that was submitted by the sheriff should be disregarded because it is a strong possibility that this evidence is tainted. This is unacceptable for any Sheriff to handle a situation in this manner. He should be relieved of his duties until the outcome of this investigation. The family should be assured of no retaliation against them for coming forward. This family deserves to know what happened to their son as any parent would want. They should not have had to go through this and the Sheriff should be held responsible since he did not follow protocol and contact the coroner immediately. CNN needs to keep following this story, the more people who know about this the better chance of the family getting JUSTICE.

  • jennyq

    god bless!

  • jennyq

    hes a beautiful and before and after someone one did the wrong thing!!this needs to be heard



    • Barry

      you’re an idiot.

      • jay

        so are you!!!

    • http://kdev.us/ kdev

      yes nigger, that is right.. go commit more crimes like you’ve already done.. and get committed to a penitentiary like your father…

      • Amplify_Staff

        Please do not use abusive language. Please discuss the issue respectfully as per the terms of use. Or, you will not be permitted to post here. Thanks. (9)


        The reason my father is in the Penitentiary is because he raped your mother….by the way…we are brother’s ….u piece of shit relative.. Dad says Hi

  • http://twitter.com/RozieRozayy IG :: RozieRozayy

    this some straight BS ! how tf is tht a accident ig je was rolled up n left like tht ! look at his fucking face man…Smh my support goes to his fam…if kj was WHITE everybody would have heard abt this ! im offended tht im barely hearing abt tjid ! accident my ass…tell them pigs ta do they fuckin job ! ND HANDLE KENDRICK JOHNSON & TREYVON MARTIN tha right way…where’s tha fucking justice????!!!!!

    • christina tee

      i totally agree!!

    • Barry

      Fuck Trayvon (nice name). He was beating Zimmerman and Zimmerman defended himself. Get over it. Every time a “black boy” dies it is “whitey’s” fault. A cover up. The “police” is corrupt. STFU

      • jay

        You’re a dumb ass for still thinking Trayvonn murdered that fat f*cker….what? are you related to that piece of shit, that you cannot look at the facts! IDIOT!

        • Amplify_Staff

          Please do not use abusive language. Please discuss the issue respectfully as per the terms of use. Or, you will not be permitted to post here. Thanks.

      • jensaki

        U seem to be calling every 1 else a racist when you are th e one saying all the racial stuff. I DONT CARE WHAT COLOR YOU ARE. YOU ARE AN ASS. AND OUR WORLD IS BETTER WITHOUT PEOPLE LIKE YOU BARRY

  • J Smith

    Praying for his family, SO SAD :(

  • http://twitter.com/thatgirlsimone Simone

    In my professional opinion
    his injuries aren’t consistent with how the police are trying to
    convince the family he died. If a person dies from increased head
    pressure BKA increased intracranial pressure from hanging up side down
    they would more likely have dark bruising on their face from the blood
    pooling to the areas closest to the ground/floor. I can only see this
    happening if his body in the after picture was already in decomposition.
    This story doesn’t add up.

    Report violation


      Please refrain from using the words “professional opinion” when its obvious you aren’t one. I’m a pathologist, I’ve done autopsies, and I can tell you first hand that blood pooling happens well before you see signs of gross decomposition. Story adds up fine.

      • http://twitter.com/thatgirlsimone Simone

        I can use any words I wish XXXXXXYYYZZZ, This is my opinion, Thanks for your input though:)

  • christina tee

    this is ridiculous… this was not an accidental death, there was no way that Kendrick could have fell into that small hole and died. Someone beat him to death and placed his body there in an attempt to cover it up. And the police department is covering it up now, SOMEONE in that school knows what happened. And I hope and pray that they find the person that did this. So that it can bring some type of justice to Kendrick’s family. R.I.P. KJ!!!!!
    #Justice4KJ all they way from Houston, Texas <3

  • Iamaguest

    The citizens of Valdosta, Ga should demand the resignation of Sheriff Prine because they are the very same citizens who elected him to serve and protect their community. He’s a sellout and is obviously hindering any justice coming to the family. Another thing is this death /murder happened on school property, which is federal property, couldn’t (shouldn’t) higher ranking officers be called in? I’m totally disgusted with anything I read or hear about this young mans murder, yes it’s obviously murder.

    • Iamaguest

      Hella props to this woman for calling attention to this.

  • http://www.facebook.com/gwdavis1966 Gerald Davis

    For the record Tina the gay girl he was not Gay!!!!

  • julia penaherrera

    It’s obvious to me that this young man was beaten to death. The swelling and misshapen look of his face alone tells the tale. It reminds me of Emmet Till, and that is saying alot. The FBI needs to investiagte this young man’s death. Wanna bet that this is a hate crime? His family desrves justice.

  • Morgan

    Man this breaks my heart. Man i tell you we still have race relations in this country The boy didn’t f=do anything to deserve this, such a shame another on of are young black children are gone. I’m sick of this shit, when will people learn where all one, it doesn’t matter if your green, red, purple, or blue. We all bleed the fucking same , we all shit the same, ect. Like really, it brings tears to my eyes. I cant deal, and I will never ever deal.

  • yikty

    This was clearly a racial hate crime. Based on the time frame this murder occurred, I believe at least 2 individuals were involved. Given the sheriff’s vested interest in covering up this crime, I am inclined to believe that he was involved in it and even participated in luring KJ out of school. Death and hell to everyone involved.

    • Jim

      Well, I’m sure if it’s “clear,” you can provide some proof?

      Yeah, I didn’t think so. He wasn’t murdered, get over it, do you really think the entire local police, GBI, and everyone at the school who might know something are covering this up? It’s ridiculous to think that.

      • yikty

        Do racist skeptics, such as yourself, deserve to be shown proof? No, I don’t think so. And yeah, it’s soooo far-fetched that witnesses were silenced and a cover-up took place. Things like that never happen.

        • Jim

          DAT’S RACIST!!!!
          Is that all you can say? What a pathetic excuse. Okay, so everyone was silenced. How? Did Mr. Prine take them all down to the Valdosta Gulag and shoot them? Is he such an intimidating person they all cowered in fear?

          You people are delusional! Get over it, accidents happen every day.

          • yikty

            Racism is exactly how black men like him, most notably, Emmett Till, have a history of ending up in with the same disfigurement. This crime has white devil written all over it.

            What kind of accident involving wrestling mats leads to all of one’s teeth being pulled out and their face mutilated beyond recognition???? Please enlighten me, o’wise one.

          • Jim

            And yet black on white crime is rampant, much more than verified white on black crime. If any race is having hate crimes committed against it, it’s blacks committing it towards whites.

            Several medical professionals have stated that his condition in the picture coincides with the cause of death. Regarding the teeth, that one photo does not show me anything to suggest missing teeth, just a bloated lip likely covering the upper teeth. Do you have a source confirming missing teeth?

            Getting back to my original point, the fact that you are using the term “white devil” signifies to me that you’re likely a racist yourself against white people.

          • yikty

            You obviously have not been following this case, seeing that you are ignorant about the missing teeth.
            Provide sources that prove “black on white crime is rampant” and then explain why something that hasn’t been “verified” is worth believing??? After that, explain to me how that relates to the death of KJ???? Also, list the names of the “several medical professionals [that] have stated his condition in the picture coincides with the cause of death.” Also, inform me who hired these medical professionals and why it took “several” to draw these conclusions. Then, explain to me why the coroner wasn’t the first and only person to analyze the corpse?

          • Jim

            I have no need to give you sources when you haven’t done the same.

            Hearsay supporting your view is NOT proof. Every medical professional who looked at the body has said it was accidental. The coroner is NOT a medical professional, he is ELECTED. His statements about the scene being “botched” is BS, he wouldn’t know it anyway.

            Let’s cut the bull. The GBI investigated and did a thorough autopsy. They have stated it was accidental. CASE CLOSED. They have investigated police cover-ups before, they have no reason to cover for the police down here.

            As the days drag on and everyone realizes that this was a mistake, I sure hope the family and all the deluded people following them blindly apologize for playing the race card over and over on this ridiculous case.

          • yikty

            Again: Provide sources that prove “black on white crime is rampant” and then explain why something that hasn’t been “verified” is worth believing??? After that, explain to me how that relates to the death of KJ???? Also, list the names of the “several medical professionals [that] have stated his condition in the picture coincides with the cause of death.” Also, inform me who hired these medical professionals and why it took “several” to draw these conclusions. Then, explain to me why the coroner wasn’t the first and only person to analyze the corpse?

            …perhaps you can’t provide proof b/c it’s all “hearsay”

          • Jim

            Google “Color of Crime” and read up.
            You are clearly a typical racist who thinks it’s always the white man’s fault. Grow up.

          • yikty

            As usual, you devils have zero wisdom. The word racist is defined as a system that hinders the livelihood of a particular people. It is impossible for one’s feelings, thoughts or opinion to be “racist”. Familiarize yourself with the definitions of basic English vocabulary. It’s quite shameful that I speak and understand your bastard language more than you do.
            I am not going to Google anything. Google is not an indisputable fact-finding machine. lol @ you using this as your absolute resource. Since you obviously have no sources to backup your opinion, it will be written off as hearsay.

          • http://kdev.us/ kdev

            LMAO i was going to draw up a response, but im sure yo-mtv-raps home slice g funk thug gangsta yikty wouldnt grasp any of the many concepts.. so i’ll leave you with this my jivin’ turkey brah.. kill dee white man… kill whitey! its all his god damn fault i tell ya… yo.

          • Jim

            I can not post links here as it flags the post as spam you baboon. Google it and read the EVIDENCE before spouting your nonsense.

          • yikty

            You are such a dumb cave monkey. Learn how to post a url in text.

          • Jim

            Well I’m going to have to assume you don’t know how to use a computer to Google 3 words to discover an entire thesis on how African Americans are committing more crimes than any other ethnicity. Your loss you uneducated retard.

          • yikty

            Again: post YOUR sources that support your hearsay.

          • Jim

            This has gone on long enough.

            The burden of proof regarding this is on you. If you claim it was a murder, give us one shred of evidence. If you can’t, just shut up.

          • yikty

            Again: post YOUR sources that support your hearsay.

          • youreanidiot


          • yikty


          • fu

            RACIST PIG

          • yikty

            Deal with it, devil.


            The Color of Crime

            Race, Crime, and Justice in America
            Second, Expanded Edition, 2005Click here for the free PDF versionClick here to read on Scribd

            Major Findings:

            Police and the justice system are not biased against minorities.

            Crime Rates

            Blacks are seven times more likely than people of other races to commit murder, and eight times more likely to commit robbery.

            When blacks commit crimes of violence, they are nearly three times more likely than non-blacks to use a gun, and more than twice as likely to use a knife.

            Hispanics commit violent crimes at roughly three times the white rate, and Asians commit violent crimes at about one quarter the white rate.

            The single best indicator of violent crime levels in an area is the percentage of the population that is black and Hispanic.

          • yikty

            Well, well, well, you’ve really exposed your hand with this one, white devil. All of this time you’ve been trying to oppress my commentary with the label “racist” and it turns out you’re not only a racist but a practicing skinhead. As you are already well aware of, the idiots who wrote The Color of Crime go by the name New Century Foundation. This organization, (again, as you are well aware of already), is a white supremacist group that distributes racial fallacies to support their racial hatred of blacks. Thanks for taking your time from Stormfront to argue with us blacks that are supposedly beneath you!

          • Guest

            Haha, what an idiot!
            I don’t have any clue who published that.

            Consider for a second that the black race is a minority. In terms of PERCENTAGES, blacks commit more crimes than whites by a huge margin.

            Sorry darky, you’re full of it.

          • yikty

            Algebra is clearly not your forte. No surprise there, seeing that you’re of the primate species.

            Seeing that the population of blacks is less than whites, percentage-wise, blacks will always have a higher number. In real numbers however, whites are top-dog when it comes to crime. Always have been, and always will be.
            Sorry pale devil, but your barbaric race is naturally deviant!

          • .

            You repeated what I just said and proved my point nigga.

          • yikty

            I proved my point nigga.

          • Guest

            Remember kids, don’t drop out of school! Or else you won’t know basic 5th grade math like this poor guy.

          • yikty

            The FBI’s Uniform Crime Reports show that whites commit more crimes that an blacks and any other race. Said report states:
            Of 9.5 million offenses charged, 6.7 million whites were arrested, compared to 2.5 million blacks.

            The most common crimes were drug abuse violations, resulting in arrest of 770,430 whites and 381,006 blacks.

            Whites were far more likely to be arrested driving under the influence. Of 998,035 total offenses, 877,810 of those arrested where whites.

            Whites outnumbered blacks about 2-1 in arrests for other crimes, including rape (11,766-6,114), aggravated assault (203,076-103,697), burglary (143,889-103,697) and larceny/theft (556,215-233,806.)

            Whites also were most often arrested for motor vehicle theft, arson, other assaults, fraud, embezzlement, dealing in stolen property, vandalism, weapons charges, prostitution, sex offenses, crimes against families and children, liquor laws, drunkenness, disorderly conduct, vagrancy, curfew and loitering, suspicion, as runaways and all other offenses not including traffic.

          • 1

            Oh look, whites got arrested for drugs and alcohol. Dig a little deeper and you find that the majority of robberies and murders are committed by blacks. What’s worse?

          • yikty

            Again, you illiterate monkey, the DOJ and FBI reports show that whites commit more murders than any other race. Although blacks commit more robberies than whites, whites commit more burglaries and larceny than blacks or any other race.

          • youreanidiot

            The sheriff and GBI confirm it’s an accident you retarded idiot. Post ANYTHING that refutes this other than dumbass racist blacks in comment sections.

          • yikty

            POST YOUR FACTS.

          • FACTS

            This morning Sheriff Prine, investigators from the Sheriff’s Office, Lowndes County Coroner Bill Watson and District Attorney J. David Miller and all met and participated in a conference call with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. In addition of the persons from Lowndes County, the call was attended by Doctor Maryanne Gaffney-Kraft, the medical examiner who conducted the autopsy of Kendrick Johnson in January, George Herring, Deputy Director of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation-Division of Forensic Sciences, Doctor Kris Sperry, Chief Medical Examiner for the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and representatives from the Forensic Biology section of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. During this call, the findings of recent forensic testing and the autopsy were relayed. Based on the findings of the investigation, physical evidence, forensic sciences and the autopsy, the death of Kendrick Johnson has been ruled as an accident as a result of positional asphyxia.

          • MORE FACTS

            Although not previously released, Sheriff Prine stated that this investigation was very extensive and included the completion of multiple forensic tests, including DNA samples collected from the scene and the interview of over one hundred {100} persons, including students, teachers and other people who were identified as the investigation progressed. Nothing learned during the investigation has indicated anything other than this was a tragic accident.

            Sheriff Prine continued to express his sorrow for the family and hopes that with the release of the investigative findings, including the medical findings, the family can find the answers they seek and begin the healing process.

          • yikty

            The sheriff is a lawbreaker who conducted the autopsy himself instead of calling the coroner to do it. That is illegal. He also released his “medical” findings to the public, which is illegal, and passed them off as legitimate findings of the coroner, which is also illegal. It was also revealed that the night before KJ’s murder, he involved in an altercation with the sheriff’s son. Investigators believe this is why the sheriff did the autopsy himself to cover up for his son. In the sheriff’s autopsy report he noted that no signs of struggle or cuts or bruises were present. However, the photo’s of Kendrick’s body show he does in fact have bruises and lacerations on his body. How did the sheriff miss them?

            All of that said, once again your “facts” have turned out to be bullshit.

          • Guest

            Prine doesn’t even have a son!!!
            Piss off moron, you’re just repeating the same tired rumors as the rest of the blacks.
            He also didn’t perform the autopsy, either one of them.
            There is no lacerations on his face or body, just putrefaction and such. You know, like every dead person suffers.

          • yikty

            1. Prine does have a son. Since his son an illegitimate bastard, he only publicly acknowledges the child he has with his wife. Perhaps if you understood the game of politics, you would know why he does this.
            2. CNN, FOX and CSPAN all reported that caveman Prine conducted the initial autopsy. Prine even admitted to this fact.

          • Jim

            You don’t even know what the word “autopsy” means then. He did make a preliminary judgement of “accidental death” – that is not an autopsy.

            Post proof he has a son. Multiple news stories have stated he does not, and if it’s so easy to prove wrong they would have caught him on that.

            You have been sucked into the black narrative. It’s quite sad.

          • yikty

            Thankfully, I wasn’t created with the evil, childish spirit that you and your fellow crackas were cursed with, so now that I have successfully exposed you as a fraud who pushes hearsay and opinions disguised as facts, I will put a period.

            You are dismissed. This interaction is over.

            p.s. Stay out the sun, leper! The earth is poisonous to those who don’t belong on it.

          • Jim

            Yes, run away with your tail between your legs.

            Hearsay and opinions is ALL you have to support your “murder” theory.

            You have NO PROOF WHATSOEVER.

            Ignorance at its finest.

          • []

            What’s wrong, can’t handle being wrong?
            Face it, you are spouting nothing more than lies and rumors.

          • Jim

            Also, sadly I only discovered this news article today.

            It answers all the questions, puts forth EXACTLY what happened, to the best of anyone’s ability to discern.

            Google “timeline for a tragedy kendrick johnson” and you’ll find all the answers.

            THIS CASE IS CLOSED.

          • yikty

            Ooh, so since the media (who always present the facts. lol) has proposed “exact” evidence given to them from the murderers, agents and conspirators of KJ, this case is now closed. LMAO! No wonder you barbarians originated in caves. You are compeltley devoid of wisdom.

            Your agenda here and purpose in replying to this thread is clearly to feed your hatred of blacks, of whom you feel inferior to. Your overzealous efforts to shut down anyone who acknowledges the FACT that this was a racial hate crime committed by whites; your white victimization act where you alleged blacks commit more crimes against whites, even though there is ZERO evidence to back that up; and your lack of knowledge about this case, shows that you only came here to gloat white supremacy and spread your black hatred. I thank God that the extermination of your kind is soon near. Only then will this “case be closed”.

          • Jim

            It is CLEAR to EVERYONE that the only racist in this discussion is YOU sir. Are you a Black Panther too? What a vile, disgusting person to hide his racism by calling OTHERS racist! What a joke.

            CLEARLY you can not read, which is likely because you dropped out of middle school to go sell dope on the street corner. Again, perhaps you should Google Color of Crime and see how African-Americans commit an overwhelming majority of violent crime in the US. If KJ was murdered it was more likely by another black student!

            And unfortunately it appears you can not comprehend simple facts. Let me spell it out to you ONCE MORE: The entire student body, faculty, police dept., sheriff, medical professionals, GBI, and BOTH autopsy findings ARE NOT CONSPIRING TOGETHER. Police get busted for much more inane things than a murder. THERE WAS NO MURDER. THE STUPID KID PUT HIS BELONGINGS UNDER A MAT AND PAID FOR HIS STUPIDITY AND LAZINESS WITH HIS LIFE.

            The truth hurts, and I’m sorry that is how it is.

            By the way, are you implying that you did not evolve from caves? Are you a dinosaur, or perhaps a fish? What a moron. It also happens that of my two best friends, one is black and one is Asian, so maybe you should back up and realize it is YOU with the hatred.

            My kind? Laughable it is that you think anyone is going to be extinguished other than moronic idiots like you who can’t put 2 and 2 together.

          • yikty

            Does a racist person use the terms “baboon” and “ape”?
            And smh @ you still misusing the word “racist”. Get a dictionary and study it, edomite.

          • Jim

            “A system that hinders the livelihood of a particular people.”

            If we are using that definition as you posted, this ACCIDENT has NOTHING to do with racism, and nor does ANYTHING I have posted, so why don’t you just shut your mouth?

    • yikty

      Any of you white devils want to explain why the school is refusing to release the surveillance videos? After all, if this murder is a result of a slip-n-fall accident, certainly the video footage would corroborate that alibi.

      • Jim

        You still can’t read I see.

        Go back to school and learn basic logic, and maybe you can elevate yourself from the ape, like the rest of us.

        • yikty

          There is video surveillance on the school grounds, you fool. I NEVER SAID THERE WAS VIDEO IN THE GYM, YOU ILLITERATE DEVIL. Said surveillance will show if he left, who also was in the gym area, if any outsiders came to school, etc.

    • He’ll call me cracka

      Everyone needs to look up the absolutely disgusting racial hatred being spewed by user “yikty,” while hiding on the computer as an anonymous Malcolm X wannabe. He’s likely on the gov’t dole too.

  • One nation under god

    I think it’s really funny how a lot of African American people want to immediately make it a race issue. Anyone know who Autum Pasqaule is? She was a white 11 year old girl from Nj that went missing and turned up dead a few days later beaten to death by two young African American boys and that story didn’t make it out of the tri state area. Besides that point, why our are children and kids killing each other??? Where is the fucking parenting??? Breaks my heart. My thoughts and prayers are with KJs friends and family.

  • Stan

    I’m absolutely, shocked, that I have just now, heard about this story. I’m outraged, about what has happened to this child!!! It doesn’t take even, so much as, a smart person, to see what is in front of them! A child, beaten to death, then placed in a rolled up mat! There’s no doubt, it was a group of youths, who ripped into this young man, and committed murder. Then, his hick parents, with no moral compass, have done everything they can to protect them! If this were my child, I know what I would do, and it would be payback time. Just sayin’.

  • Stan

    Barry and kdev, are an example of what is going on in this country, right now! Uneducated, propaganda controlled, mindless, superficial bigots, who have about the depth of a butter bowl, spewing off rhetoric, they heard from their favorite radio, or television show. I doubt they make much money, or are in love, and have families. More than likely, they are low life degenerates, who feed off the system, or live in poverty, because they are lazy, or too stupid and uneducated to get a real job. If every African, or Native American in this country were killed, they’d initially be excited, but almost immediately confused, about who to blame next, for their own pathetic lives. Ignore, the stupid hicks. They would have killed this child, just as fast, because they have no moral compass.

  • Joe wheeler

    It was a white people who killed him and rolled him up in that mat because all white people are racist and there is no possible way this could be an accident! Maybe it was the KKK? that’s basically what black people want to say. There is no accountably in the black community for ANYTHING even though the Georgia Bureau of Investigation ruled it was an accident! go ahead,flame away….

  • Peg Quinn

    I am haunted by this story. How could the Georgia police and
    GA FBI come up with ” an accident” NO WAY! I am a 66yr old white woman, but I’ve always distrusted the South’s investigations of crimes against African Americans. I am out raged and cried for the poor parents fighting for justice for their son. I cannot seem to get this child out of my mind. My prayers and thoughts to his family. Please do not let this story disappear. I cannot believe this, what year is it in Georgia???

    • Guest

      Are you a medical professional? Is there a good reason that you think this kid was murdered? Love to hear your thoughts, as surely with such a absolute statement you must be a doctor of 20-30 years experience, right?

  • http://www.facebook.com/carla.hunt1 Carla Hunt

    This is just another media frenzy. any doctor could explain the effects of blood pooling. This is really getting ridiculous.