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#Rihanna Unveils 'Unapologetic' Album Cover

I am no stranger to same-sex marriage debates. And even though marriage is not a priority for me (be it to the same or opposite sex) since I’m not sure I might ever want to, it’s very difficult to sit back and keep my mouth shut when the anti same-sex marriage crew start to mouth off.

I had a conversation/argument about this with an old acquaintance recently, and I finally realized something – I think I’m done arguing with people about the morality of same-sex marriage and the general equality of non-heterosexual people.

It wasn’t an argument I hadn’t heard before, but as I sat there listening to this person who was supposed to be a ‘friend’ and maybe even a prospective partner (I was SO wrong) say that people might as well be allowed to marry animals and little children, I was enraged. “Where do we draw the line”, he asked. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to punch somebody in the throat that bad.

I could not believe that once again, I was expected to sit here and argue my self-worth. That I was expected to actually say, “Could you please not compare me to a dog yeah? Thanks much”

It is not, and will never be my job to explain to people, especially those who are supposed to know and like me, that they should not dehumanize me in an attempt to prove to themselves and the world, that they perceive an aspect of my self to be wrong. Did I mention that he even used the word, “unnatural”

I say it all the time…I have never been able to understand how parents disown their gay children or people abandon their gay friends. Speaking from my point of view, my friends must have seen something in me to make them like me so much; perhaps it was a summation of many qualities. My family on the other hand, is supposed to love me unconditionally as far as I know. So how do these people actively decide that this one thing about me (which in NO WAY affects them if I might add) overshadows everything good?

But that’s it. I’m done. Everyone’s entitled to an opinion no matter how ignorant it is, but anyone who tries to pull this stunt on me again will wish that they had never gotten out of bed that day. I will not argue, but you better believe that I will let that person know what a dehumanizing piece of schtako  they are.