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I was riding in a car headed towards Philly a couple weeks ago, when I saw a pro-life billboard. On it, there was a baby with a speech bubble above its head which read, “What about my choice?”

The situation struck me as a little funny, given that babies in utero can’t talk, let alone fetuses. The pro-life movement constantly uses visual imagery to try to win people over and I wonder if they would be as successful without said imagery. They use words like “murder” and “extermination”,painting women who seek abortions into wanton, irresponsible people.

In the search to find a photo of the billboard I saw, I found others. One went as far as to say that abortion is “never the right choice”. How is it that we have women fighting for the right to let their fellow women die rather than have an abortion.

There are many things that frustrate me about the pro-life movement and the anti-LGBT rights movement, the most being the twisted use of the bible to justify actions, and a particularly hypocritical brand of rationale. For example, there’s a GIF set of Reginald D. Hunter being circulated on Tumblr, in which he talks about the fundamentalists and conservative christians, pitting the issue of abortion against the killing of foreign ‘embryos’ in wars abroad.

“Fundamentalists…conservative Christians…they believe that an embryo in a woman’s body is sacred and no one should harm it. They don’t believe, that the same embryo, once it leaves a woman’s body, should be exempt from execution. Or going off to war and killing other embryos…as long as they’re foreign. So if we are specific, and stay on topic with this debate, what we are trying to decide between us is,what age is appropriate to start killing human beings?”

There is also the fact that there was little to no concern for the children killed in Pakistan by American drones. Next time a pro-lifer calls you a murderer, ask them what they’ve done to stop any of these other killings.