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I have ABSOLUTELY NO WORDS – well some words – for the enormous loogie hocked in the faces of ethnic minorities in the form of the SI Swimsuit Edition.

“We need a fresh idea for the shoot”, said the head honcho. “I know! We’ll use people of color as PROPS! I am so going to win an award for this.”

How about we clap you in irons and pelt tomatoes at you?




Jessica Gomes, China. Image via SI.com




As usual, there are people who think that labeling these photos as appropriative and exploitative are overreacting. How dare you sir?! I’ll have you know that even the men these photos were created for, think that using minorities are as props is very uncool. One person even questioned the undermining of China as an economic giant through its representation by a fisherman on a barge as opposed to all the other beautiful things about China.
My feeling is, there’s a HUMONGOUS difference between appreciating culture and appropriating it. An appreciation of culture requires an understanding and respect of its sacred nature; while appropriation is people using highly connotative aspects of cultures because, “Omg it’s so cool”. Don’t get me started.

But seriously, I would LOVE to know what everyone thinks.

  • http://www.teenmomnyc.com/ gMalone1

    I completely agree with you! Hands down! It’s repulsive.

  • KarleeJohnson

    It takes a lot of people to OK this kind of stuff. When companies like Victoria’s Secret, Urban Outfitters, Illamasqua, and countless other public entities do this kind of stuff, how do they not realize that the public is watching and that there will be repercussions for this kind of ignorance? It’s maddening! Especially that those previously names companies have come under a lot of very public scrutiny, you think that everyone else would learn from their mistakes and think twice before, y’know, BEING RACIST.