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The ‘Harlem Shake’ phenomenon seems to be the new ‘Gangnam Style’. Everyone and their Gran is making one. We’ve seen the college versions, office versions, and others. Everyone tries to make theirs a little more creative. So far my favorites are the ‘Slender Shake’ and the DramaFever version. But I digress.

You know when everyone’s carrying on and having fun then someone comes and ruins it all? Y’know, the party pooper. We have a ‘Harlem Shake’ party pooper. The shake, albeit completely different from the original hip-hop version, has been about camaraderie and the jollies. Friends and co-workers gather to make a 30-second video which starts off with one person in the group dancing and is followed by a complete change in the atmosphere – usually costumed dance frenzies. Love March Movement, a Jamaican group “…of Christians who will fast and pray and speak out publicly about things concerning the kingdom of God…”, has taken it to a whole new level of sad wet blanketry. They posted their own version of the shake, during which they held up signs advocating the retention of the “Buggery Law”.

Now I’m no stranger to homophobia, and even though the bigotry enrages me, it’s even worse when there are claims of possible damage. Here are their reasons for upholding the anti-homosexuality law.

The Buggery Law is important for protecting our country from several undesirable outcomes:

1. The Buggery Law guides the educational institutions of our nation. It is the law preventing children of all ages from being taught that homosexuality is normal behaviour; this being a serious concern especially for parents that disagree. In nations like Canada such classes are mandatory and parents have been told that they cannot remove their children from them.

2. It naturally follows that eventually, just like how we have Inter-School’s Christian Fellowship (ISCF) in high schools, that we would possibe have a Lesbian-Gay-Bisexua-Transgender-Fellowship in the schools.

3. Pedophilia – is a concern because scientists have presented to the government in Canada that pedophilia is just another sexual orientation. The train of thought is that just as the homosexuals have argued saying “I can’t control my feelings for.. men.. it is natural”… in the same way Pedophile have the same “natural attractions”.

4. Zoophilia – this is where one expresses sexual desire for animals. The law serves to declare to society what behaviour is acceptable. The buggery law also criminalizes anal sex between a man and an animal. Repealing it would actually be saying that this behviour is acceptable. Additionally, in the States there has been a legal defense for a man that has had sex with his donkey, again on the basis that ““I can’t control my feelings for.. my donkey.. it is natural”. This is the reality of the world we live in.

5. Loss of Freedom of Speech – In Canada Dr. Kris Kepling was sued for writing to the newspaper saying that he doesn’t think that homosexual material should be included in schools. He was fined Canadian $10,000. Even more recently, a pro-family activist has been charged for hate speech, because he was distributing a flyer that spoke vehemently about homosexuality. The Supreme Court of Canada ruled that where the act (anal sex), was characteristic of the group (homosexuals) then speaking against the behaviour is equivalent to speaking against the vulnerable group. He was ordered to pay court fees and a gay couple who were offended. This is the serious breakdown of democracy that is taking place at the hands of the homosexual agenda world-wide.

6. Loss of Freedom of Religion – In England, Lilian Lydale, a Christian marriage officer was fired because she refused to marry a gay couple, on the basis of her religious beliefs. She even offered to have a co-worker fill the shift for her, but she was turned down. The court ruled that she did not have that right to decline the clients,a nd that she should lose her job.

7. Gay Marriage – This would cause serious damage to the family structure and is of serious concern. Though down the line, we can see easily that this is on the road of the repeal of the Buggery Law. Gays in France understand how destructive this is, and have their own campaign against gay marriage.

All in all, we are protecting the nation from death and destruction, the fruits of the secularist, homosexual agenda. [sic]


This is a clear example of the ways in which hate infiltrates every aspect of our lives. For how long will our actions and thoughts continue to be fueled by fear, ignorance and rejection of “westernization”. While the acknowledgement of pedophilia as a sexual orientation is a bit much, it’s unfair to insinuate that same-sex relationships are the wellspring of all sexual behavior that is deemed immoral. It’s all fine as long as they don’t take away the guns and 21 ounce sodas right?

  • http://stfuprolife.tumblr.com Hannah Le

    Check out what Melissa Harris Perry had to say about the “Harlem Shake.” There was so much shade, it was awesome.

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      We need a notification system so I always know when you leave awesome comments. Thanks!