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Parents who had sent their kids to the Blue Ridge Outdoor Education Center were surprised to hear stories about an Underground Railroad reenactment which the parents were never informed about.

There are a few things a lot of people don’t know about the movie adaptations of superheroes and fictional characters…such as the fact that Khan from Star Trek, as much as JJ Abrams would like you to believe, is not white. Also, there is a black Green Lantern *GASP* “You lie!”. The linked post addresses some instances of whitewashing. Don’ worry. It’s not your fault that you don’t know these things…just like you don’t know Blade is from the Marvel Comics Universe. No one makes movie for nerds. It’s all about the box-office dollars.

Until I saw this post, I really never thought about it. Tokenism is very rampant even in futuristic movies. It begs the question, “What exactly was done to get rid of all the non-white people? Was there another mass genocide? Tumblr arguments are the best. Especially when the people who have NO BUSINESS ARGUING IN THE FIRST PLACE, get shut down.

I watched the trailer/preview and now I look at her in a different way. I’ve always understood that part of her allure was her indignation and fearlessness, but I never understood what fueled that.

I wish I were joking about this.


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