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My mother called me this morning to tell me to be careful. She told me not to admit my affiliation with the LGBTQ community to any of my countrymen for fear of what they might do to me upon my return. You see, my country, Nigeria, has taken it upon itself to pass a law that sentences anyone who is found to be LGBTQ, to 14 years in prison. There had been chatter about this law for a long time now, and now that it has finally been passed, it makes me really angry.


“Why not take it a step further and impose the death sentence on all LGBTQ people like Uganda?”, I want to say. You want to lock people’s children up in prison for being true to the feelings they have for their fellow human beings. Shame on you. How is it anyones business what LGBTQ people do? How do they affect your marriages? Families? Children? How can you decide to police people because you don’t agree with their choices?


My countrymen claim that “homo” as they call it, is a western influence. That it is a phenomenon that did not occur before the west, America in particular, allowed LGBTQ people to be treated like human beings. To that I say, if you want to reject everything western, reject the religion that you are now using to persecute LGBTQ people. Our forefathers did not wake up one day with the knowledge that there was a God who had a son called Jesus through a virgin called Mary. That God was brought to us from the west. I can speak to that truth because my great-grandfather is widely known to be the man responsible for bringing Christianity to the part of the country we are from.


Before the missionaries, your forefathers prayed to Amadioha, Sango, Chukwu and the rest. Forsake your saints and biblical heroes and go back to praying at altars and sacred trees. Go back to a time when twins were an abomination. When you have done that and you can still find evidence from your gods that LGBTQ people deserve to be treated any different from you, come back and we’ll talk.


It’s so infuriating to see a bunch of people who can’t even get it together long enough to pass the HIV/AIDS Anti-Stigmatization Bill, rally around and pass this hate-driven policy so easily. Trust us to be the epitome of nonsensical politics.


My heart goes out to all my friends and the people I know who will now have to live in fear or who are probably already facing tribunal. My country can be a cruel place and people will not wait for the “justice system” before they begin to drag these people out into the streets to beat them senseless, if not kill them.


  • LokiSJack83

    Oh my! I feel so bad for your situation! You said you’re affiliated with the LGBTQ community? You should be proud about it. I think governments should have no say in these decisions. But hey, you gotta do what you gotta do. I’d fight for those rights. I’d love to hear back! :)

    • KarachiYWOCLC

      I’m lucky to be away from that situation at the moment. Others, not so much. The decision myself and other queer young Nigerians have to make now is between self-expression and freedom. There’s a difference between intolerance and an actual law that can put a person behind bars for 14 years. Anyone who speaks up right now is in danger of being locked away. So we’re waiting, and hoping that at time goes by, things will get better,

      • LokiSJack83

        Christ, and excuse the expression, I’m right up there, hoping with you. My lovely state of Indiana is trying to pass a Gay marriage Ban. I see it on the news almost daily, and I tear-up every time. So I’m sympathetic.
        I have another question, one that’s been digging away at me since I realised what I am.
        Didn’t you say your mother knows?
        How do you come out to a parent?