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Until an hour ago I was unaware that yesterday, March 15, 2014, was intended to be “White Man March” as intended by one Kyle Hunt of Massachusetts. I am glad to report that it was an epic fail. Hopefully, it will remain that way.

This article from Salon summarizes the purpose of the march and shares a few hilarious tweets mocking the event. None of what these tweeters say is a lie. The entire notion of diversity equaling “white genocide” is absurd. This is most definitely a case where certain individuals have decided to disregard the evidence in favor of their own delusional truth. How can there still be this much stupidity in the world?

A quick glance at the White Man March website yields even more ridiculous compilations of “facts”, including a video “spreading awareness” about “white genocide” and a video with clips of POC talking about how they hate the white race. In regards to that whole mess, there is a great difference between a white person claiming the need for segregation and POC spaces not advertising for diversity.

Anyone with a well-functioning, good sized brain knows that the rest of us have been the minority for the longest time. We have been wronged in a thousand ways and are now barely managing to exercise the same rights as white people. How can anyone say that there is any such thing as “white genocide” when the lives of black people are constantly undervalued? When was the last time a white person was gunned down by a black person and got away with it? The Dunn trial wasn’t so long ago, look at that. The man is responsible for the death of a young black man but was only sentenced for endangering the lives of said young man’s companions. Does that make any sense?

If a white person says they want to marry only within their race or only want all-white neighborhoods, it’s because of stereotyping and racial prejudice leveled against POC. There is  such an inequality that diversity is introduced so that everyone else has a fighting chance. People claim that POC neighborhoods have never been asked to diversify? If a person wants to live in a POC neighborhood, the only thing stopping them is their fear of said POC because of preconceived notions they have about people of those races.

This whole thing screams of white entitlement and anyone should be able to see that. Why is is a bad thing that black politicians have admitted to working solely for the good of their own people? White politicians never did that for those people because they never identified with them. And when one of their own has a little bit of power and can speak on their behalf, it’s a good thing. I doubt that someone who is working to change things for the betterment of his or her own people is as deeply invested in working against white people just for spite’s sake. If you have evidence that I am wrong, present it.

It’s sickening to see so many people laboring under the same falseness.