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xoJane tells you how. Sarah Innis does a great job in this article of providing strategies to call out people when they say something racist/sexist/homophobic/transphonic in conversation with you. Innis even gives you the break down on how you should interrogate these kinds of prejudicial sentiments depending on who you are interacting with (i.e. family member, coworker, stranger, etc.).

Having been in situations like this more times that I would care to remember, I thought Innis’ guide was practical and helpful. The situation that I find myself in more frequently though, is how to handle this situation when you are only overhearing someone else’s conversation. I feel like people have the right to go through the world without harassment, but if they say, “don’t be such a f*g” or “that’s so ghetto” in the proximity of me, am I crossing a line by confronting them? So, now, I pose this question to you all: how do react when you overhear someone say someone say something racist/sexist/homophobic/transphobic/classist/ableist/etc.? 

  • http://stfuprolife.tumblr.com Hannah Le

    It’s all about cultural competence and picking our battles, I guess.