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For genderqueer, gender fluid, and otherwise gender-variant folks, it is often hard to find clothing that is both fashionable and fits the body. The genderqueer clothing company The Boi’s Department is here to fix just that.

According to the project’s website, their mission is:

We want to connect you to clothes that fit both your mind and your body because you shouldn’t have to settle for what the world expects you to wear.

Right now, the store has a select number of items, mainly t-shirts with more gender-neutral or gender-variant phrases on them (check ‘em out), though the project does want to know how to expand to best serve their customers. 

Do you think we could benefit from more queer-focused fashion? How can we expand this idea?
Check out The Boi’s Department founder, Jac, discussing the importance of the project.

Categories: Transgender Issues
  • Melissa

    Another fit solution for our favorite Boi’s is Androgyny (www.wearandrogyny.com). I stared the company as a genderqueer person born with the female form. All of our button-up shirts are menswear inspired but re-engineered to fit those of us with hips and curves. Check it out!