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Apart from the ol’ stork story, when a child asks “where do babies come from?” there is usually one explanation: a man and a woman love each other very much (sometimes this story is embellished with the necessity to be married) and they give each other a “very special hug” (sex, to the layperson) and they make a baby.

Of course, this is an incredibly normative and problematic narrative. Yes, of course people still make children this way, but there are so many of us who were not conceived this way or don’t plan on creating their family this way. People living lives of love and happiness and choosing who and what dictates family and not relying normative values is amazing, but when your family is still “non-normative” it might not be as easy to explain to your children how the came to be.

Inspired by his trans* friend who tried to explain to his 4-year-old son how he was born, author and sex educator Cory Silverberg created What Makes a Baby? 

The book is gender-neutral and seeks to address the creation of all families, including those with adopted children, surrogate children, and children who were born to cisgendered, heterosexual parents.

Image from the What Makes a Baby? book trailer.

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  • Caryl

    What Makes a Baby is amazing! It was a Kickstarter so I had to opportunity to donate and received 2 copies of the book last year. I HIGHLY recommend it to all!