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As the co-founder of Momma’s Hip Hop Kitchen, I am a huge supporter of women expressing themselves creatively through the arts. Recently, R&B superstar Beyonce dropped a “buzz track” on her website—“Bow Down” to build attention around her upcoming album.

There have been many negative comments surrounding “Bow Down”. R&B singer Keisha Cole said via Twitter the song is anti-woman. Some women of color argue that “Bow Down” is a diss song. While others view it as anti-feminist.

I admit, the song is catchy, and completely unlike any songs Beyonce has sung in the past.  It’s edgier, more hip-hop, and mature in terms of lyrics (with the use of the b word).

To me, I feel that “Bow Down” is Beyonce’s battle cry for independence. I feel that she is stating to the world she is no longer managed by her father, Matthew Knowles, who helped shape her perfect image in the past when everyone else “were little girls” who “dreamt of being in [her] world”. Beyonce is also trying to brush off haters who think that now her husband, Jay-Z, controls her. She wants the world to not “get it twisted” and bow down. Yes, Beyonce sounds crass using the b-word everywhere but I feel the song wouldn’t sound as edgy without it. I do not believe she is using the b-word to degrade women. I feel like she has chosen to use the b-word to set the tone of the song and let the haters know out there that she’s on a new level, and haters need to bow down!

  • Briana

    But arguably she could have done that without putting down other women?