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The Seven Types Of Sexuality

 Heterosexuality-  Is the sexual attraction between members of the opposite sexes  such as man attracts to woman and woman attracts to man sexually.

Homosexuality- is the sexual attraction between members of the same sexes such as man to man and woman to woman.sexually.

Bisexuality- Is the sexual attraction to both the opposite and same sexes such as man to man and man to woman, woman to woman and woman to man.

Asexuality- Is also known as nonsexuality which is the lack of sexual attraction and sexual interest towards others.

Polysexuality-  Is the sexual attraction to more than one gender but do not wish to be known as bisexual as it implies that their are only two binary sexes, do not confuse this with pansexuality (Pan meaning All) and (Poly meaning many).

Pansexuality- Is the sexual attraction towards people regardless of gender also known as omnisexuality, some pansexuals refer to themselves as gender blind as to them gender is  insignificant in determining whether they will be sexually attracted to others.

Transexualism - Is when a person identifies themselves with a physical sex that is different to their own biological one, A medical diagnosis can be made if a person experiences discomfort as a result of a desire to be a member of the opposite sex. for example a person may be born male, and is uncomfortable with their gender as a male  and changes to a female, or a female may change to a male. It is a long process that they will go through and an expensive one too.

For your information.

Taken from http://calpol25.hubpages.com/hub/Types-Sexuality-In-Humans

<3 kevz

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  • annabell

    You forgot Demisexuality: a person who doesn’t experience sexual attraction unless they form a strong emotional bond.

  • Anna bellingtone

    Remove this thing from the internet please I found my 8 year old girl seeing this.

    • Melissa

      A bisexual read your comment and got offended that you would shield your child from a harmless truth. What’s wrong with learning about different sexualities? If I read this when I was eight I would’ve realised then that I was not straight and that it’s a recognised sexuality, and that the whole world is not and chooses not to be straight. Obviously, like any eight year old, I wouldn’t really understand what a sexual attraction is but this article does the trick. Maybe she’s just curious and wanted to know. And please point out to me what horrors is actually on this article that is inappropriate for an eight year old girl to see? Are you scared of not being a grandmother?

      Anyway, I don’t think that this website will take any of it’s content down, nor any website you ask, because it’s not their responsibility to ‘protect’ your daughter. If you don’t like what she’s looking at then ban her from the website or ban her from the internet altogether. She’ll learn all about this in about four years time at the most regardless of your efforts to stop her from learning, because peers at school and even teachers will explain in Sex Education and in normal conversation these things and so it is inevitable that she will find out one day. In Britain she would be taught her mandatory Sex Ed when she is nine, so actually she’s just a year off from learning how to make babies if you’re in Britain. I don’t really see the problem. Unless you’re homophobic and you don’t want a non-straight daughter, which is a problem in itself really as you’re oppressing her and pushing her into an identity that she may not want to have, there is no reason as to why looking at this particular article would psychologically affect her in some way. It’s just information. There are people out there who are as listed above in the article, real people. Are you going to tell them that they live their lives wrong?

      I understand the website as a whole isn’t appropriate for eight year old girls, but you commented on this article specifically so it seems rather homophobic. And this is my first time on this website. I looked at the “You May Also Like” and thought “Actually I need to change half my argument because some of those things aren’t appropriate for eight year old girls” but I digress. If you don’t want your daughter to see these sorts of sites again then ban her from the internet! Let her on again when she’s done her Sex Ed. Her only enemy will be porn after that and parental controls on your PC can help block most if not all porn websites so you’re good.

    • Candie Barr

      Even if this specific post was removed, it would still be all over the internet. If you have a problem with your 8 year old learning that not all people are the same, perhaps you should actually be a parent and watch what your kid is doing. Better yet, teach them yourself. What is an 8 year old doing online anyway? They should be playing with dolls or trucks or something. It’s this kind of parenting which is probably a great contributing factor to why so many 8 year olds are out there having (or trying to have) sex.

    • CK


    • Fran Ylitalo

      maybe you should be watching your 8 year old a little more closely. It is not anyone else’s responsibility to monitor what YOUR child is doing. Put blocks on your computer if this type of thing is offensive to you. Good day.

    • Rosanna Miller

      I feel you but as you see Satan is running rampant in the world and your words are falling on the deaf ears of hell bound heathen. Your best bet is to teach her at home about the difference between right and wrong. That way when she gets older, she won’t depart.

      Take these opportunities to teach her the Word of God. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. God bless.

      • Demi

        How is effection and love satanic?

        • Rosanna Miller

          You are confused. Lust is not Love!

          • http://www.peterblaise.com/ peterblaise

            What does “lust” or “love” have to do with differences or similarities in forms or types of “sexuality”?


          • Rosanna Miller

            They probably have nothing to do with you, since you don’t believe in Jesus Christ,

            All of them besides one (almost) is based on lust. I say almost because heterosexuality outside of marriage is based on lust as well.

            My reply was to @Demi, who asked “How is effection (affection) and love Satanic?”

          • http://www.peterblaise.com/ peterblaise


            You have no idea what I believe, Jesus wise.

            Are you saying if one is married, then “lust’ no longer exists?

          • Rosanna Miller

            Yes, I do.

            Jesus answered and said to him, “If anyone loves Me, he will keep My word; and My Father will love him, and We will come to him and make Our abode with him. He who does not love Me does not keep My words; and the word which you hear is not Mine, but the Father’s who sent Me.” (John 14:23-24)

            Of course it exists, if a person is married and is fantasizing about someone other than his/her spouse, Jesus calls that adultery. The reason being because that is lust.

          • http://www.peterblaise.com/ peterblaise

            Stay with me, @rosanna_miller:disqus,

            I’m not talking about adultery, I’m talking about lust, as you mentioned.

            Are you saying that when someone is married, they can no longer have any lust for their marriage partner?

            Maybe their lust for each other is the reason they married in the first place.

            I can’t imagine this is a challenge for your imagination.

            What about lust INSIDE a marriage?

            I’m just wondering why you think lust is only a gay thing or an adultery thing, but you seem to be unaware it might be a heterosexual marriage thing, equal on both partner’s inside a marriage for each other.

          • Rosanna Miller

            No, lust has to do with coveting and it is a sin.Since the marriage bed between a husband and wife remains undefiled, there is no sin between them.

            Why? Because again, it is a word used to define something sinful.

          • fallen_shade

            So sexual attraction is lust anywhere except between a married man and woman … I have to disagree … the scriptures teach that ANY thoughts like that are unpure … but if we must go through with your mindset then a married man can not rape his wife and anal is also perfectly acceptable even if she doesn’t want or like it.

            And please do yourself a favor… don’t assume what people do or do ot believe because it is not up to you to be the judge. For it is up to each to work out their own salvation.

            Also a point of note … using the bible as a club is about as effective as shooting a gun filled with blanks … just saying

          • Rosanna Miller

            Your disagreement is noted.

          • fallen_shade

            And I do like to discuss things like this … just not argue because once it gets to the point of straight up arguing then I feel that it is a wast of time and energy. I am a pk so I have had heard soooo many angles to these type things it can become a stimulating conversation.

          • Rosanna Miller

            Again, what you said has been noted. Good day.

          • http://www.peterblaise.com/ peterblaise

            @rosanna_miller:disqus ,

            We have different words because they mean different things.

            Otherwise, we’d use the same word to mean everything.

            Lust = very strong sexual desire.

            Covet = yearn to possess or have (something).

            So, yes, there can be lust and coveting between marriage partners.

            I think you are inventing things to object to because you are uncomfortable with the thought of other people doing things that they enjoy but that you disapprove of for yourself.

            The reason they are on the planet is to be THEM, not to be YOU.

            And, visa versa, YOU should be YOU, not THEM.

            Stop paying so much attention to other people, and have a great, fearless, fun life of your own.

          • Rosanna Miller

            Yes, I know that each word has a different meaning. If you are going to use the dictionary, make sure you look at all the definitions used to make up the specific word, otherwise it is easy to misuse a word in defining whatever it is you are defining.

            Take for instance, the word LUST, here is all the definitions for the word as defined by dictionary.com:
            1. intense sexual desire or appetite.
            2. uncontrolled or ILLICIT sexual desire or appetite; lecherousness.
            3. a passionate or overmastering desire or craving (usually followed by for): a lust for power.
            4. ardent enthusiasm; zest; relish:
            an enviable lust for life.
            5. Obsolete.
            a) pleasure or delight.
            b) desire; inclination; wish.

            *VERB (used without object)
            6. to have intense sexual desire.
            7. to have a yearning or desire; have a strong or excessive craving (often followed by for or after).

            I also capitalized the word ILLICIT (sexual desires) from a word used to define the word lust above, to draw attention to it’s meaning also:


            1. not legally permitted or authorized; unlicensed; unlawful.
            2. disapproved of or not permitted for moral or ethical reasons.

            So since the word clearly has a meaning meant to define things that are not a part of God’s Law, it should be clearer to you about why it is not a word used by a Believer in Christ. He is pretty specific about things pertaining to God and to things pertaining to the world.

            There is a Scripture which speaks about what you do, it is in Isaiah 5:20-21, 24:

            “20 Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness; Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter! 21 Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes And clever in their own sight! 24 Therefore, as a Tongue of Fire consumes stubble and dry grass collapses into the Flame, so their root will become like rot and their blossom blow away as dust; For they have rejected the Law of the LORD of hosts And despised the Word of the Holy One of Israel.”

            OF COURSE YOU CAN, along with the whole world, take something sacred from God and twist what He meant for us in a specific way….HIS WAY…. and exchange it for something tainted that the god of this world, Satan, has for you, all you want! That is your right, you are a free moral agent. Let me make things as clear as possible for you, so you can finally hear what I have said from the beginning, you CANNOT be in lust and covet IF you are a part of GOD’S COVENANT between marriage partners, whom He has sanctified!

            I am doing what I enjoy and love, so why the hell would you think that I care what they do or don’t do? I am not the one who will be cast into hell for eternity for choosing to follow Satan. To be perfectly honest, some of the things they do choose makes me gag but I only bring that up because you brought my feelings toward what they enjoy into question.

            BUT I DO care for people’s souls. Although I am not here to force anyone, I do hope they will turn from their wicked ways before it is too late. And if it were to be said about why I am here, that is it. People can return to their lives, as usual, if they so choose.

            DUH?!? And neither am I here on this planet to be them! BUT guess what? This is what you and the masses fail to understand, this world does not belong to you or them! THERE IS A GOD! He is the Creator of it and all that are on it! And like it or not, everyone…. EVERYONE gives an account to their maker!

            Oh, trust this, I am very much being me! What a silly thing to propose that I am not being me, simply because I warn them of where they are headed.

            Here is something that I wonder now though, if you think that I am not being me because of what I posted here, what does that say about you?

            Maybe it is YOU, who should stop minding the business of the Lord God!

          • CoreConcept94

            Hi– random person here– I just wanted to ask why you two are making such a big deal out of this. Not every person in the world share the same views, not everyone thinks the same. We are ALL different. The one thing we all share however is curiosity and free will. If someone is homosexual, bisexual, or whatever, who are you to tell them if they are wrong or sinful. Yes in your case it is sinfu because you have a very strong belief in god, but not everyone share your beliefs. I for one am agnostic, I don’t know if a deity exists or doesn’t, and I’m fine with that. Sure my opinion MAY change later on in life, but its my life to live. I choose my path. I’m not chastising you for expressing your beliefs, but I do wish for you to keep an open mind and be accepting of others, even if they don’t have the same sexual preference or share the same religious views.

            To me there is a difference between sex and making love. Sex is physical pleasure where making love is the same thing but with more emotional bonding and passion. B both involve the same thing. It is a beautiful thing and should not be frowned upon. Granted there are some things in this world that give it a bad rap and if your not careful it can harm you, but something as natural and beautiful as this is why you are here today.

            So please before you go off and criticize and judge others, think about these things. We are all human. We may be different on the outside, and we may not all get along but if we put aside our petty differences and realize that we should love our differences and realize how unique and beautiful each and every one of us are then maybe we can truly move forward.


          • http://www.peterblaise.com/ peterblaise

            Thanks @CoreConcept94,

            Great points.

            All anyone has is what works,or not, for themselves.

            It’s not for us to whack others with it.

          • Rosanna Miller

            God created everyone and He does have a say in what His creation does. Me informing people is not taking away their freedom to do as they please. But I tell you, one day they will give an account.

          • Arianna Echevarria

            God is a myth you infant . Religion is about perception and even in the bible it says even you , all people are sinners . God is holy god is life but God has started more wars than the devil , and killed more than the devil . No where in the bible does it state having any other sexuality than Hetero is a sin , if anything it only says being a gay male is against the word of God , by man , he meant MEN not mankind . So many error with your bible but God himself said it , would God make a mistake ? No because it is a myth , the whole thing is a facade and a ruse to gain money from people who seek enlightenment . So many gods throughout history and this one sticks with people . It’s such a shame . God has justified murder and God is what weak willed people lean on . Stop with the religious psycho babble , because im sure that you have sinned just as much as anyone else . An 8 year old needs to be exposed to this so they understand its acceptable , hiding it shows that it’s taboo and shouldNT be thought of , it creates resentment against the people who are like this and then her daughter grows up a hateful person . Ignorance is not bliss

          • Rosanna Miller

            You are a myth, fool! An idiot, imbecile, moron, etc. So go on and call me what you want, you self-righteous woman of the world. No whore of Satan, the Bible DOES NOT SAY THAT EVERYONE IS A SINNER! Which is the context in which you are taking the Scriptures! Get it right, it is saying that some of us WERE sinners but because of Jesus, now some have been made His righteousness! You say so much about MY GOD but after proclaiming He doesn’t exist! You are lame and ignorant! Too bad you feel the need to open your disease infested pie hole against Him, He may have had mercy on you but as it is,you will be cast into hell with the rest of this filthy generation. Give Lucifer my regards, idiot! You say sin is acceptable and I laugh at a dead woman walking! Have fun as you are tormented for eternity. I praise God for good parents like the 8 year old has! Filthy whore!

          • http://www.peterblaise.com/ peterblaise

            Wow, @rosanna_miller:disqus, your “God of love” as made an impression through you.

            A negative, nasty impression.

            No wonder everyone is saying “your” God is dead.

            He is.

            You killed him.

            With your godless hate.

            Thanks for sharing.

            No, really.

            Thanks for sharing.

            We all can use you as a horrible example of how not to believe in a God of love.

            Thank you.

          • Rosanna Miller

            HAHAHAHA….keep wishing, fool!

          • http://www.peterblaise.com/ peterblaise


            Ha — “wishing”?!?

            I’ve enjoyed living in this breath for so long, I almost forgot about “wishing”.


            Is that what YOU do?

          • Name

            Wow! People like you Rosanna Miller give Christianity a bad name. You judge, you call people names, you are sactimonious and you THINK you are holy and righteous forgetting that all your righteousness are like filthy rags before God. The bible says whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers, that you do unto me. I therefore put it to you that in calling people names, so you have done to God who you CLAIM to believe in. The bible is a guide, not a book written to match punishment to sin and mercy triumphs over judgement anyday! If the trumpet sounded when you were spilling such vile words, where do you think you would go? Calm down and work out YOUR own salvation with fear and tembling. You have a better chance of making heaven that way. I hope you don’t jump down your kid’s throat when you don’t agree with her the way you have here .

          • Rosanna Miller

            Yeah, that is what the Pharisees said about Jesus as well and why they crucified Him too. BUT guess what? SURPRISE HE REIGNS FOREVERMORE!!!

          • http://www.peterblaise.com/ peterblaise

            Well, religion is a personal thing, and no one should know about someone else’s religion — not that anyone CAN know anyway.

            I know of two folks sitting side by side in the same pew who disagree with each other to the death, and I have two friends from different religions altogether who agree on most things and are best buds,and get along with no friction.

            So, I don’t care what you believe, and I will not argue what you believe.

            I only care how you behave.

            And on this thread, the most unholy behavior so far has been from @rosanna_miller:disqus – go figure.

          • Kik me:eternal78


          • dood

            are u trolling or are people out there really like this…

          • Rosanna Miller

            Nope but you are.

          • Shrekly Tickles

            Where is your proof that Jesus exists ? There is no proof just a book that a man decided to write one day

          • LibbyGregory

            Doesn’t the bible say not to judge people I’m sorry Rosanna but you have no right to judge anyone

          • Rosanna Miller


          • http://www.peterblaise.com/ peterblaise


            Then by your own selected quotes, anyone who is not a believer is sacrosanct, absolved from your God’s vengeance and wrath, and so, gay folks, and anyone who disagrees with you is NOT going to hell, but is saved by their ignorance or disbelief.

            Problem solved.

            What are you grousing about, then?

          • Rosanna Miller

            It isn’t because they disagree with me! You are the one with issues because everyone doesn’t bow down and kiss your arses! God forbid I ever bow to Satan or his puppets!

          • Guest


        • http://www.peterblaise.com/ peterblaise


      • Demi

        What the hell are you doing here?

        • Rosanna Miller

          No a better question is what the hell are YOU doing here?

      • Demi

        Are you being ironic?

        • http://www.peterblaise.com/ peterblaise


      • Erika

        Lady, this is why I hate extreme religious people. You guys teach that this so called God loves all his children, that means people who are like this too. Get your own teachings straight before you blab about this crap.

        • Rosanna Miller

          Lady, I could care less what you or the devil thinks. You guys are on your way to hell with a bow on top!

          I teach no such blasphemy. How do you take into account this Scripture about God’s Love?

          “Just as it is written, JACOB I LOVED, BUT ESAU I HATED.” (Romans 9:13)

          The Truth of the matter is God has nothing to prove and neither is He on trial. God does love everyone. BUT not everyone loves God. It takes repentance and a person turning from their sinful lifestyle to receive His Gift of Salvation.

          OTHERWISE, what did Jesus die on the cross for? Maybe you should repent and pray for understanding, actually read and learn about it first, get the Truth right in your own mind BEFORE you go about trying to offend Believers about the “crap” you don’t even understand!

          • Shrekly Tickles

            On her way to hell really? Actually read the bible and you will see that a simple comment won’t send her to hell

          • Rosanna Miller

            Of course it isn’t simply because of my comment, fool! It will be because she rejects the Lord Jesus Christ that she is cast into the pits of hell!

          • Shrekly Tickles

            Still she won’t go to hell, we must all respect the REAL god , Shrek

          • Rosanna Miller

            Satan always knows how to pick a good fool! You wish! LOL but you are going to learn that even you will bow to the Lord Jesus Christ.

      • Max


        • Rosanna Miller

          IDK, why don’t you tell me….

          • Jade

            Im not sure if you’re trolling or not. Hail Satan!

          • Rosanna Miller

            You can return to hell with your master, Satan.

          • Jindy

            I mean no great offense from the following:

            I see what you’re trying to say, Rosanna, and many people are religious. But many people are also NOT religious.

            Being religious or not doesn’t matter, we can both live the way we want (although I believe some religions have, I think ‘rules’?). We can both be friends and have unreligious family – it’s just that some people don’t believe in God. I have a friend that believes humans evolved and other animals were made from plants.

            What I’m trying to say is that I respect what people believe and try not to comment on it. But when I see THIS, this is just not right. You can’t force people to join a religion if they don’t want to. You shouldn’t say that ‘everyone is going to bow down to Lord Jesus Christ someday’. As you can see… It made people mad.

            Jesus/God may or may not have been real, when we invent portals through time we will find out. Evolution is real since it has been PROVED, it has actually happened. Satan also may or may not be real.

            I hope you see what I mean. I believe in evolution, and I always will. I get along with people who have a religion perfectly fine, too.


          • Jindy

            Anyways, why did we start this talk about God on this thread about sexuality?

          • Rosanna Miller

            Because just as you see a world separate from God, We know that world shall return to dust. God created this world, He goes where He pleases. So please don’t be surprised when He is brought up.

          • Rosanna Miller

            Hi Jindy, thank you for the civil reply. Now you will see that I too, am be civil as well. This is how things can always be. But there is usually people who think they are better than us “religious folk”, so they start acting the fools, and I am not the timid type. I know to whom I belong and I have authority over the enemy.

            Anyways, it is very true. I have friends who choose different lifestyles and that is between them and God. I am not here to judge. Those who judge unrighteously will be judged by the Lord.

            When anyone posts their version of truth, it usually conflicts with God’s Truth, so whenever I make a post, it is usually for those who are children of God, who know the Truth but may be led to fall for anyone else’s version of the Truth because the devil is cunning.

            I find it amusing that you think I am forcing my beliefs onto others. You reply to my comment to the devil worshipper who should have refrained from leaving her sarcastic remark to me. Maybe you should try reasoning with her and explaining all you did to me since she is the one who is obviously in the wrong here. I take it as a compliment that you did choose the more reasonable of us to reason with. But I am not the one bullying or being a hateful person, she was.

            I make no apologies for the Truth. It is God’s Word, not mine. So if they have an issue with it, let’s see them change Him. They can’t and won’t change Him. He has been the same. And mark my words, for they are true. Every knee will bow and tongue confess that Jesus Christ is the Lord.

            Disbelief in the Truth makes no difference. A person could pretend that murderers didn’t exist but what good would that make if a murderer was about to kill them? The same is true about God. Just because one ignores the Truth of His existence, they will face Him.
            It never ceases to amaze me how a figment, supposedly, of my imagination, angers people. I recall being a child and someone telling me that their mom was bigger than my mom. Of course, I have seen children get angry when someone told them the same thing. I laugh. You know why it doesn’t bother me? I know it isn’t true, so being angry would merely make me look like a fool. If something isn’t true, a normal person doesn’t become angry because they know the Truth. So you tell me they got mad…I say good because they know deep down that what I said was and is true. I pray they heed the warning while the Lord can be found. Their lives will not last forever. And everyone, them included, gives account. Only God knows the exact hour that is. Oh yeah, evolution has been proven supposedly. But please answer this, where did the big bang come from? And how does one prove that something came from nothing? How ignorant and illogical can people be?

            Well when you are tortured by someone like Hitler or raped for days, months, years at the hands of one of Satan’s puppets, why don’t you come tell me how Satan may or may not be real. I have not met him, nor do I want to….dealing with his puppets is bad enough, but I know without a doubt that he is real.

            Lol….on one hand you claim God may or may not exist and in the same sentence you suggest “when we invent portals”….how funny! Unless you are saying that on the day that portals become a reality is the day that you will admit that God exists….in which case, that makes more sense than what you are asserting. Anyways, I hope you see, I have no desire to convert you or anyone. I am like you, asserting what I know. Good day. :)

          • http://garymorris.me/ Gary Morris

            Rosanna Miller,

            The new testament shares the story of the birth of christ in two books and references the old testament book of isaiah as being the original prophecy of the coming messiah. Have you ever read that prophecy in context?

            I encourage you to do so because if you start digging and really trying to be literal and accepting of what you find, if you really want the truth… you will see it.

            (Mat 1:22) Now all this was done, that it might be fulfilled which was spoken of the Lord by the prophet, saying,(Mat 1:23) Behold, a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son, and they shall call his name Emmanuel, which being interpreted is, God with us.

            So from the above scripture we can see that they are saying that Jesus birth was a prophecy that was being fulfilled. So where was this prophecy? It originates from a prophecy in Isaiah 7:14. So, let’s look at that prophecy.

            (Isa 7:14) Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel.

            Great so far so good. That is if you leave out all context of this verse. Let’s see the whole story before we decide whether or not this should be matched up with the “fulfilled prophecy” of Jesus’ “recorded” birth.

            Isa 7:1-25 And it came to pass in the days of Ahaz the son of Jotham, the son of Uzziah, king of Judah, that Rezin the king of Syria, and Pekah the son of Remaliah, king of Israel, went up toward Jerusalem to war against it, but could not prevail against it. (2) And it was told the house of David, saying, Syria is confederate with Ephraim. And his heart was moved, and the heart of his people, as the trees of the wood are moved with the wind. (3) Then said the LORD unto Isaiah, Go forth now to meet Ahaz, thou, and Shearjashub thy son, at the end of the conduit of the upper pool in the highway of the fuller’s field; (4) And say unto him, Take heed, and be quiet; fear not, neither be fainthearted for the two tails of these smoking firebrands, for the fierce anger of Rezin with Syria, and of the son of Remaliah. (5) Because Syria, Ephraim, and the son of Remaliah, have taken evil counsel against thee, saying, (6) Let us go up against Judah, and vex it, and let us make a breach therein for us, and set a king in the midst of it, even the son of Tabeal: (7) Thus saith the Lord GOD, It shall not stand, neither shall it come to pass. (8) For the head of Syria is Damascus, and the head of Damascus is Rezin; and within threescore and five years shall Ephraim be broken, that it be not a people. (9) And the head of Ephraim is Samaria, and the head of Samaria is Remaliah’s son. If ye will not believe, surely ye shall not be established. (10) Moreover the LORD spake again unto Ahaz, saying, (11) Ask thee a sign of the LORD thy God; ask it either in the depth, or in the height above. (12) But Ahaz said, I will not ask, neither will I tempt the LORD. (13) And he said, Hear ye now, O house of David; Is it a small thing for you to weary men, but will ye weary my God also? (14) Therefore the Lord himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call his name Immanuel. (15) Butter and honey shall he eat, that he may know to refuse the evil, and choose the good. (16) For before the child shall know to refuse the evil, and choose the good, the land that thou abhorrest shall be forsaken of both her kings. (17) The LORD shall bring upon thee, and upon thy people, and upon thy father’s house, days that have not come, from the day that Ephraim departed from Judah; even the king of Assyria. (18) And it shall come to pass in that day, that the LORD shall hiss for the fly that is in the uttermost part of the rivers of Egypt, and for the bee that is in the land of Assyria. (19) And they shall come, and shall rest all of them in the desolate valleys, and in the holes of the rocks, and upon all thorns, and upon all bushes. (20) In the same day shall the Lord shave with a razor that is hired, namely, by them beyond the river, by the king of Assyria, the head, and the hair of the feet: and it shall also consume the beard. (21) And it shall come to pass in that day, that a man shall nourish a young cow, and two sheep; (22) And it shall come to pass, for the abundance of milk that they shall give he shall eat butter: for butter and honey shall every one eat that is left in the land. (23) And it shall come to pass in that day, that every place shall be, where there were a thousand vines at a thousand silverlings, it shall even be for briers and thorns. (24) With arrows and with bows shall men come thither; because all the land shall become briers and thorns. (25) And on all hills that shall be digged with the mattock, there shall not come thither the fear of briers and thorns: but it shall be for the sending forth of oxen, and for the treading of lesser cattle.

            Yeah, I know that is a long read but if you want to get the true context of this “prophecy” you need to read what comes before and after that one verse. I want to point out one very important part of this bit of text. Notice that the writer of this text is very specific about when this prophecy will be fulfilled. He doesn’t give some ambiguous day in the future so as to leave it open to “interpretation”, no, he tells you flat out. Verse (16) For before the child shall know to refuse the evil, and choose the good, the land that thou abhorrest shall be forsaken of both her kings. Being that the current kings in the land that thou abhorrest will no longer be there, it kind of ties this prophecy of a “virgin” birthed “savior” down to what ever the expected lifetime of people were in those days at most.

            Say 70 years, of course this is an arbitrary number not really based in reality for life longevity of those times but I am trying to be as helpful as I can to try and make this prophecy work for Jesus’ birth. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t work. I am no time scholar for bible time lines but I do know that there was at least 400 years of time between when Jesus was supposed to be born and when the last prophet went around prophesying. So it had to be at least greater than 400 years of time passage since this prophecy had been brought forth and it was tied to a timeline so that it was supposed to transpire in not more than 70 years (again, my arbitrary number, not really factual).

            Also, the prophecy was that the land that though abhorrest shall be forsaken of her kings. This could mean that they ran away, died, or who knows but the main part of it means that the kings will be gone.

            Earlier in this passage you should have also noticed that the writer actually gives a number, a specific time frame “and within threescore and five years”. What is that, like 65 years or something?

            So, this is just one tidbit of information for you to chew on for a little while. No response needed. I am not asking any questions and no explanation is needed or required. Certainly you are welcome to your opinion and you are welcome to respond but the facts are stacked against the bible by the bible itself in so many passages and ways that you really do not stand a chance in trying to defend it with logic, truth, or sound research. The only way you can possibly defend the bible is to fall back on blind faith and denial to the truth and facts as the bible itself betrays itself.

            Believe it or not, you can live a moral life with love, kindness and respect for your fellow man without “God” or the bible. The answers you seek are within and have been all along. Even though you thought you already had the answers. Be free my fellow human.

            Now the question. Will you accept the truth even if it turns out that everything you have believed in was based on a lie?

          • Rosanna Miller

            No dude, I m going to comment in the same way that you commented your unrelated, devil inspired dung about how everything in the Bible is a lie and BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, BL…. you get the point surely.

            I want to comment specifically on this, you said, “Believe it or not, you can live a moral life with love, kindness and respect for your fellow man without “God” or the bible. The answers you seek are within and have been all along. Even though you thought you already had the answers. Be free my fellow human.”

            What is your point, since you aren’t responding to something I said, right? You are assuming, right? See, I don’t get why you would think that I don’t know what you said. I did thank someone who fits what you said exactly, didn’t I? But no, you fool, you have already claimed that the Bible is full of lies, which tells me that you are full of lies! No on who has the Truth, would make that claim! No, I didn’t think that I knew anything but I do KNOW the ONE who is the Way, Truth, and Life! His name is Jesus Christ! And since I have Him in my heart, I can say that I DO have the Answer!! I AM free, for whom the Son sets free is free indeed! Seek Him and repent so you will finally and actually be free, my fellow human.

            But here is the part where you are in error. What good is a person’s good works without faith in the Lord? Will your good works get you into the Heaven that is prepared for His People? No. So go on keep on doing good.

            And I think I have answered the last question but let me clearl make it known to you here:
            Everything that I did believe, before the Lord entered my life, was a lie. Of course I gave up the lies for His Truth! No one may enter into the Kingdom of God without the Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ.

          • http://garymorris.me/ Gary Morris

            This was a snippit from a post I made on my blog a long time ago when I first was coming out of 27 years of following and believing in god.

            I only shared because I used to be where you are now. You are so sure of yourself and what you believe but you are not willing to accept the truth from the bible itself. You are basically flipping god off and telling him you are not going to study his word and prove this thing I have said is a lie.

            Forget all of the other stuff I said and just look at the scriptures. You determine what ever you want. You figure out what is right and what is wrong (which I am sure you already do. You don’t need me to tell you to do that.)

            I could go on and on and try to prove to you that I was indeed a “true believer” and tell you of all of the things I did and what was in my heart and how I followed but you would not believe me. you will be skeptical of my words and doubt anything I say because you think I am being influenced by the devil.

            So, don’t pay any attention to anything I am saying and just use your bible. Go back to the original translation and study it for yourself. Prove that what I am saying is a lie, if you can.

            Aren’t you even just a little curious as to whether or not you can prove me wrong?

            If the bible is god’s word and is true and is infallible then you have nothing to worry about. It will be simple to prove me wrong.

            Study to show thyself approved unto god a workman that needeth not be ashamed. Rightly dividing the word of truth.

            Not a direct word for word quote but the best I can remember from memory.

            It is tasked unto you to rightly divide the word of truth lest you be ashamed before god. How can you stand before god, now that you have been presented with this question on his word and been presented with the challenge that this is a lie, without attempting to prove his word is true before him and to yourself? If you are to be a workman that is not ashamed before god then you must prove to yourself and show unto god that you are able to rightly divide his word.

            You don’t owe me anything. I don’t want you to prove anything to me. You shouldn’t even respond to me. You think I am influenced by satan himself so why even respond.

            The only person that needs to know that they are following god’s truth is you. If you can’t prove that what I am saying is a lie then you must consider that perhaps god is trying to tell you something. Maybe you have missed something.

            god’s word is infallible… then what do you have to fear?

            If I am satan’s errand boy…
            if you are truly a servant of god…
            if you are rightfully following his word. How could it be considered going against god by studying his word further and trying to answer this question?

            I have never suggested you look to outside sources for the answers. Keep your study to the bible alone and prove those scriptures I referenced to you. The question is there (in the bible, not from me) and if you can not rightly divide the answer, how can you be whole before god?

          • http://www.peterblaise.com/ peterblaise

            Thanks, @GaryMorrisJr:disqus, you offer a very impressive, honest, and open approach, but reason has no advantage here because @rosanna_miller:disqus’s beliefs have not arrived via reason, so they will not evolve with reason.

          • Rosanna Miller

            Working hard for the devil!! Good for you, Peter!! I am sure you will get a better place in hell!! Carry on, oh wayward son.

          • http://www.peterblaise.com/ peterblaise

            But, @rosanna_miller:disqus,

            You know I am God, and the devil works for me.


          • Rosanna Miller

            It is said that pride is Satan’s favorite sin. I know you are a fool! God is no fool.

          • http://www.peterblaise.com/ peterblaise

            Thanks, @rosanna_miller:disqus,

            As the scriptures suggest, God is everywhere, is everything, so being foolish is Godly, too.

            You’re welcome.

            Try being foolish with a sense of humor rather than irony.

          • Rosanna Miller

            No thanks needed for the truth. I know that there is the Lord Jesus Christ who is the God of all creation. And there is a god, your father, who is the god of this world.

            So yeah, you are right. God….god is everywhere, is everything, so NO foolish IS NOT from God (Jesus). It is from god (Satan). You are still clueless because the things of the Spirit cannot be understood without the Holy Spirit.

            I don’t try to do anything. I am that I am. Try submitting to Christ first, then HE will lift you up.

          • a person

            I believe in God and I support people and their sexuality.One of my best friends is gay and has only came out of the closet with some other friends and I.At one point she told me that she was scared that her parents will find out since they are Catholics.I thought as kid that God accepted all of his children.Seeing how people are treating other people based on their race,religion,and sexuality.That isn’t what he wanted.I think he wants us to accept each other for not what they are but for what they have to offer on the inside.So what they are gay,bi,lesibian but if they are amazing people then God will accept them.If one is hetro but rotten inside then he’ll take care of it.In some occations it can be vise versa.But just accept who people are and God will accept you.If you dont believe in God that’s fine but dont jude other people.

          • Rosanna Miller

            Good for you! And I don’t support sexual sin and fornication!!

            Does your god also accept those sexually attracted to animals and children? MINE DOESN’T!!

          • http://www.peterblaise.com/ peterblaise


            Two words:

            Consenting adults.

          • Rosanna Miller

            Where they are all going, unless they are a married male and female, as God designed us?

            One word:


            So consent away!

          • http://garymorris.me/ Gary Morris

            Thank you @peterblaise, it was worth a shot, you never know when truth will be accepted.

            It happened to me, although it was a journey I took and not one someone directed me to.

            Sometimes people are willing to accept the truth when it is staring them right in the eyes. Sometimes they will not, no matter how compelling or obvious the truth is.

            To me it is always worth the effort and time. If I save one person from a lifetime of following a lie, it has been worth it to me.

          • http://www.peterblaise.com/ peterblaise

            Right on,@GaryMorrisJr:disqus,

            And more power to you.

            I also dive into the challenge, sometimes believing that all I’m doing is polishing my own schtick.

            Then I remember that Google is also our audience, so I make my shares as Google-ready as possible to lead future searchers here to see how the dialog goes.

          • http://garymorris.me/ Gary Morris

            I don’t know if you have history in religion or not but if you are interested, I created a group many years ago for those who have escaped the bonds of religion. It is on Facebook. It’s called Recovering Ex-Christians – https://www.facebook.com/groups/recoveringchristians/ .

            Anyone that is considering or has left religion as well as those who are considerate of that painful process a person goes through when they realize it was all based on lies is, welcome to join. Anyone that supports people’s journey away from religion is also encouraged to join. It is a closed group so other people can not see your posts in the group (just those in the group).

            It is a safe haven for those who have questions and for those who are looking for support. Trolls are quickly dispatched and it is a great group of people.

            If anyone reading this falls into any of those categories, you are welcome there.

          • http://www.peterblaise.com/ peterblaise

            Thanks, @GaryMorrisJr:disqus,

            Gotta love the Internet, bringing together a world of people who otherwise suffered thinking they were all alone.

          • http://www.peterblaise.com/ peterblaise

            @rosanna_miller:disqus ,

            I am God, and what you write is NOT my truth.

          • Rosanna Miller

            Spawnofsatan aka @peterblaise, yeah I know that you THINK you are God but you are but the of this world and you will be castinto hell with the sinful people of the world! Of course, what I wrote wasn’t YOUR TRUTH DEVIL because you follow the father of lies, Satan. In him, there is no truth!

            But the God I follow is the Maker of Heaven and Earth. Don’t you know that you will bow to the Lord Jesus Christ too?

          • http://www.peterblaise.com/ peterblaise


            You ain’t got no proof that I am not your God.

            You better start believing, or down the bunny hole you go!

            PS — Jesus, Moses, Buddha, yup, they’re all me — I’m timeless.


            Just a side of me I’m working on, and just when I think I’ve got it under control, someone like you tries my patience.


            But, no, innocents like Mary calm me down and make life sweet, saving your butt … until you piss me off with your hubris and lack of compassion for all of my creation.

            Quit criticizing what I have done, you ungrateful, myopic, self-important brat, and fly right — spread some of that love I gave you around, stop hogging it all for yourself alone!

          • Rosanna Miller

            Don’t I? Where fools like you always fail at is in your ignorance of MY Father God! I KNOW Him, He is right here with me and I KNOW that you aren’t my Father, my God because you are as smart as a pile of rocks. You’re a sad excuse for even Satan’s usual inbreds!

            Here reprobate, here is something you’d better start working on, if you are gonna blindside anyone with your horrible performance: God is NOT moved or mocked, fool!

            I have no compassion for anyone who lives for Satan! Repent and seek first the Kingdom of God with your whole being. Then and ONLY THEN will you find Him! Thanks for the laugh! But don’t get too big headed, little boy, you have not been the source of my joy!

          • http://www.peterblaise.com/ peterblaise

            That’s cool, @rosanna_miller:disqus,

            I loves you anyway.

            I don’t expect you to understand.

            Just don’t do anything I have to clean up after, please.

      • unknown

        People like you make me really sick to my stomach…hating on people because of their sexuality…saying it’s satanic…how the hell do you think the people your hating on feel…what you are doing is bullying…and that is what causes suicide…so stop being so damn concerned about if a guy is making out with a guy or the other way around or anything for that matter and deal with your own life…If you want to hate so much…hate on yourself

        • Rosanna Miller

          Praise the Lord, I hope so or I would be scared knowing that I was loved by the sick and dying, hell bent world!! Oh stop flattering yourself, I don’t hate anyone who is homosexual. It is they (like you) that hate God, since He is the One that says it is an abomination!

          I don’t care what you and/or they FEEL about me. But I know how they feel about the truth and God and me. I have nothing but love for everyone, since it is I that is warning them against their bad choices so hopefully they will turn from their sinfulness, so they may be saved from the hell they are headed toward.

          I have actually been bullied, so shut the hell up with those lies already. IF they, God forbid, they commit suicide, it will be because of their master Satan, not because of the truth, which will set them free. For whom the Son sets free is free indeed!!! IF God be for them, who can be against them?

          Go spread your lies to the pedophiles and rapists, who preach the same nonsense as you!!!

      • cajaquarius

        I am a homosexual and an enemy of you and your dickless God. I choose hell over your evil, jealous, omnicidal Yaweh and his coward son Jesus. Your kind delights in fantasizing about our eternal destruction. I almost hope you are right.

        I dedicate my life to fighting for LGBT people. I speak at schools. When I do get sent on that road to hell, I won’t be going alone. I will be leading children there, away from your tyrant. And there is nothing you or your precious little sky daddy can do to stop me from, what do you call it? Ah yes… “Normalizing my perversion”

        He is a coward and powerless – a perfect match to you ^^

        • Rosanna Miller

          Good for you! Be an enemy to God, see how far it gets you, fool! You don’t know my God or me, so whatever heathen.

          I find it entertaining that you imagine that I would waste a fantasy on you. lol I don’t harbor hate and bitterness LIKE YOU! So you can stop thinking about what you think that I am thinking about you because I have nothing but love and hope for you and everyone’s future! What happens in that future is between you and God. I won’t have one thought about you other than right now, as we talk. Then I leave you in the Lord’s hands.

          Right, you dedicate your life to the LGBT people to drag them into hell with you!!! What a good friend you are! NOT! You think God was kidding when He said there would be weeping and gnashing of teeth?

          Oh I know that you aren’t alone on your endeavor into hell but I promise you it isn’t as glamorous as you imagine. I don’t call “what you do” anything! I merely share the Word of God. You can “normalize your perversion” all you want, that smile on your face is going to fade once you are in hell. And then you will be sorry that you ever opened your mouth.

          My God is not your god. It is Satan that is a coward and powerless to the Lord Jesus! But good luck to you ruling the world. :D

          • http://www.peterblaise.com/ peterblaise

            FOOD FIGHT!

          • http://www.peterblaise.com/ peterblaise

            You’re such an easy mark, @rosanna_miller:disqus — no one here is an enemy of their creator.

            We all, however, refuse you and your “God”.

            Please yourself.

            We are.

        • http://www.peterblaise.com/ peterblaise

          Yup, @rosanna_miller:disqus’s “hell” looks like heaven to me!

    • Hobbz

      And there’s a problem with children understanding different sexualities? Maybe the reason she’s curious is because she doesn’t have open minded parents she’s comfortable asking…

    • Demi

      Least it wasn’t porn.

    • matt

      Well then what the hell is your 8yo doing here, great parenting

    • Perrie Unbahres

      Wow you are such a terrible parent and a huge bitch. Shut your face because it’s your fault your daughter saw this, if you really were a good parent, you wouldn’t even let her on the internet! Just because your daughter saw this, the whole site should be taken down? Wtf??? I can’t believe the amount of fucking idiots out there…

      • CoreConcept 94

        People please just stop! We all have different views and we can all express them as we wish. However, the chances are that neither one of us is going to change what an individual believes! @Rosanna Miller you’ve expressed your beliefs, that’s fine, but if you forces your beliefs on someone that person is bound to retaliate if they don’t believe, or don’t want to believe. I mean are you going to hate on me for being agnostic? My grandparents are about as religious as you and they’re fine with my beliefs. The simple fact is, as I’ve said many times now, EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT. EVERYONE HAS DIFFERENT VIEWS. LET THEM BE!

        One more thing. I used to go to church as a kid and I’m not completely ignorant from some things in the bible. But WHAT I GOT from it was: Christianity is all about love. Love thy neighbor as thyself. If this is true about Christianity than why are you chastising elthese people? The god that I was taught about once was, in my opinion, a kind, loving, and merciful one. I was taught he loved all his children no matter what (except those who do any actual unforgivable evil, but then again what evil means is different from person to person)

        • CoreConcept94

          … *sigh* obviously I’m not going to give you new perspective. I respect that you are firm in your beliefs, but to be honest labelling everyone who isn’t a “believer” as wrong or sinful is WRONG. It’s not fair. It’s not right. It is, in my opinion hypocritical. You can call me a blasphemer if you want but all I was trying to do was help you see that open mindedness is NOT evil, it is NOT blasphemous. Oh and another definition for lust is loving something too much. Just saying. And honestly Miss Rosanna Miller I can care less about sin or whatever, cuz the truth is sex, love, and lust are as natural to human beings as flying is to birds. If people are curious I say they should investigate BY THEMSELVES and form the ire OWN OPINIONS.

          • Christina

            Thank you you understand that people look at thing from different perspectives. You may not like how they see it. They must likely feel the same but would you change it just because someone didn’t like how you saw things. So again I thank you for understanding. It’s sad that I’m younger than most of you guys and understand.

          • Christina

            Oh and about @Anna bellington you guys should step of you may not like her parenting methods but it’s her child. It could be she is trying to keep her little girl as a little girl for as long as she can. Her daughter will experience it like we all did.

          • Rosanna Miller

            You said that me labeling people….yet I have labeled no one. SIN IS SIN! If someone loves their sin so much that it makes them who they are, then it is too bad for them because I will not apologize for the Word of God!! He ALONE is worthy of all honor and praise!! You may love the sin infested world but I do not have to love it like you and I refuse to love the thing that crucified Jesus!!

            You weren’t trying to help me see anything, since you hid your comment to me in your comment addressed to someone else! But thankfully I found it huh?

            Open-mindedness to sin is not truly open-minded at all. It is suicide to play with death. For the wages of sin is death!! If you are going to formally address me, do it right. It’s Mrs. Rosanna Miller, thank you very much!

            Ok, so shut the hell up already because just as sin is a natural part of life, you will learn (the easy or hard way, makes me no difference really) that pain, suffering, and death are also a natural part of life and nothing you say will change that because this world was created by God, who established the rules in the beginning! His plan had a specific set of standards in order to exist eternally. His way was for a man and woman to become one. Sex was created specifically as a gift for that man and woman alone! Anyone who misuses or abuses the natural order (His order) of things will die.

            And I don’t care what you say! I say let God be true and every man a liar! They DO already sin and form their own opinions, do they not? If so, then what the hell is your issue?

        • Rosanna Miller

          BTW, it helps if you actually address what you are saying about me, to me and not hidden within your comment to someone else. You were addressing me, right? Seeing as you spoke my name.

          Anyways, could you explain how in the world are you connecting my post with trying to force my belief onto someone? You WERE correct in that I was expressing myself. I didn’t force anyone to read it and I sure in hell am not trying to force anyone into anything! I sure don’t hear or see you telling them to let me be since I have the right to my freedom of religion and speech! OF COURSE NOT because that would mean that you were fair and just like God! And no one is like my Lord Jesus!!

          You are no different than the majority who cherry picks what the truth of God is by what feels right to them. OF COURSE, God is loving! But love without justice and mercy is nothing but a lie of the devil! God disciplines those He loves!! How in the world can He love 2 people the same if He allows 1 to hurt the other without disciplining the wrong? He cannot because He is Just and Righteous! Vengeance is mine, saith the Lord!! So you may want to rethink your idea of who God is. Instead of basing it on what men teach you, why not seek the Truth from Him yourself? Repent, pray, and have faith in Him to show you!! Whatever a man says about God, make sure it lines up with God’s Word and you will be fine.

          To truly love your neighbor means that you love them enough to warn them against sin!! It is the person who remains silent when their neighbor sins that has no love of God in them! That person is the one who hates their neighbor because they know that the sinner is on their way to hell!!

          We are to EXPOSE (rebuke and chastise) that which is done in darkness!!! If a person is sinning and he is rebuked because of the sin, he will either be offended or thankful for the love from their neighbor!

          God does love all His creation but He did not create sin. Those who willingly sin belong to the god of this world, Satan, since he is the father of all lies! God doesn’t love sin, since it was sin that crucified His Son to the cross. Those who know Him and love Him welcome His discipline! They don’t make excuses and hate God for His love!

      • Shrekly Tickles

        Ok, I believe the comment was inappropriate but you are overreacting

    • http://batman-news.com Lewis Condry

      An asexual had seen this comment and even I found this comment very offensive. It makes NO sense, people like you shouldn’t be on the internet!

    • Jeremy Norze’da Henderson

      :( that’s like asking someone to move an ocean,how stupid/rude of you to suggest such a thoughless thing. Instead of pointing fingers at this article,why don’t you start with yourself? “Why is your 8 year old “able” to view this?” Answer: your neglecting have activated security settings in your browser. The ignorant persons answer: “because someone put it on the internet,and my daughter uses it”. You don’t like what you see on the internet,,,DONT USE IT (or set your browser settings). I feel sorry for you and any children you have;feel sorry for your living in a closed minded mindset,and for your children because they are likely to grow up in that environment. Just a shame that close minded ppl like you are even able to reproduce,but that’s a price I pay to live in America ( “the land of oppertunities”, per suit of happiness.) Lol,plus you sheep are fun to play with from time to time…

      • Rosanna Miller

        YOU are just another hell bent fool! Way to go!! I feel sorry for your children!! Because it is going to be more difficult for them to enter into Heaven!! What’s truly a shame is the stench of self-righteousness that is coming from you.

        Yeah, now get mad, I fear no devil in this world!! Whom the Son sets free is free indeed!!

    • Le Lesbiana Bitch

      Control wtf your 8 year old girl looks at intaead of trying to not let her see reality

    • Chris

      Maybe be a “good” parent and keep an eye on your child, you ignorant twit. Tell them you don’t love them enough to let them live their own life of freewill. Tell them to hate others that are different because your God is is obviously a liar when it comes to loving others.
      You can stay a close minded shitstain all you like. Or just end your life and give your daughter a chance to be a smart, understanding and caring person. With or without your corrupt religion.
      Welcome to the internet, you retarded sack of worthless flesh. The internet isn’t going to change itself just because you’re a lazy parent that doesn’t care to watch their own child.
      While you’re bitching about things existing, why don’t you go to middle school and get a basic education. It isn’t hard to see that you’re clearly uneducated.

    • Val Crawford

      So just because she read this means that she is now going to become gay, bisexual etc? My daughter recently turned 5 and I’ve already started to teach her that love has no bounds, her uncle has a partner and you know what she did when she met his partner? She hugged him. Didn’t run off in disgust, didnt question why the two men loved each other. Why? Because that type of hate and ignorance is taught to us by assholes like you. Great job being a parent.

      • http://www.peterblaise.com/ peterblaise

        Thanks, @valcrawford:disqus — the voice of treating everyone with equivalent consideration, including our children.

        More power to you.

        More power to them.

        No more second class citizens, ever, please — including our children.

    • Caroline Bieda

      No stop, some prope need to see this so they can know who they are.

    • Ellen

      And why the hell would that be a problem?

    • unknown

      First of all…It is not a “thing” …its a description of seven different sexualities if you can not read…and secondly…what is the problem if your 8 year old girl knows about the difference between heterosexual and homosexual ext…

    • Marina Bellini


    • Kik me:eternal78

      Who cares at least she’s learning lol

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  • Tori

    There are actually 12 sexualities.
    Pansexual (Omnisexual)

    – People who are non-cisgender may use these terms

    Transexual is not a sexuality.
    You can look all the terms up.

    • Rosanna Miller

      And there is only ONE union that came from God!! The one where a man and a woman is joined together! This is the only union sanctified by the Lord and for whom the gift of sex is for!! Everyone else who utilizes the gift meant for them are guilty of blasphemy and theft.

      • Matt

        can you please shut up already. no one gives a flying ass cuddling fuck. it just looks annoying as fuck.

        • Rosanna Miller

          Wow, I posted this over a month ago and the devil is still rearing
          his ugly face!!! I don’t blame you, I guess I wouldn’t be too happy
          knowing soon I would be cast into hell either.

          Why don’t you take your
          filthy mouth to the feet of Jesus and repent, while He can still be
          found. If you wait too long, it will be too late.

  • Rosanna Miller

    I have a challenge for some people!

    For the purpose of saving time, when I use the term “homosexual”, it will cover the following people:
    1) homosexuals, of course
    2) lesbians
    3) transsexuals

    4) bisexuals

    My challenge is to the following persons:

    If you are a homosexual AND/OR you are a heterosexual with the following beliefs:
    1) You don’t believe that being homosexual is a sin.
    2) You believe that homosexuals are good.
    3) You believe that you can be a homosexual, etc AND also be a Christian.
    4) You believe that a homosexual, etc. were “born that way” vs. everyone chooses for themselves.

    If you fell into any of the above categories, this challenge is for you….

    First let me say that NO, I am NOT saying one person is like anyone
    else. So don’t try to change the subject and start something that has
    nothing to do with my point. If so, it will become very apparent that
    you have no real desire to find the Truth and neither do I have any
    desire to hear

    your “truth” aka more of the same lies, so to you I say please move on, so we will not waste anymore of one another’s time.

    This challenge DOES NOT apply to you IF you DO NOT believe in God. Or
    you don’t believe that sin exists. Or you simply do not care. Well it
    applies to you, as I know that God does exist but you have every right
    to believe that God doesn’t exist, if you so choose but that is another
    story and another day. For now, I bid you a good day. I leave you in His
    capable hands. :)

    Alright. Now on to another, totally unrelated
    topic. Remember these people exist and everyone, regardless of who they
    are has an opinion about these things. I simply want to know what those
    of a homosexual nature, *AND/OR those who believe that we are all the
    same, believe.

    *Now YES we ARE all the same, in that we were all
    created equally by God. BUT NO we ARE NOT all the same, as far as where
    we stand with/in the Lord. There are those who have Christ in their
    hearts and are living for Him. And there are those who do not. They are
    of the world. They are following in their own “god’s” (the god of the
    world) footsteps. They too (like him) chose/choose to rebel and go
    “their own way”. Whether they acknowledge him and the Truth or not,
    without Christ, they belong to Satan. They DO NOT know God. Nor will
    they enter into Heaven.

    And that is why I am here.
    I am hoping for a miracle. I am hoping that hearts, eyes, and ears are
    opened to the Truth. HIS TRUTH. I pray that my words are silenced to
    them and the only One they can hear and see is Jesus ….in His name I
    pray, Amen. <3

    But I digress, the challenge I post to the above mentioned:

    The challenge is pertaining to the following persons:
    1) pedosexuals
    2) zoosexuals

    some of you are going to try to get off the point because they are
    going to claim that "PEDO-sexuals" and "ZOO-sexuals" do not exist. And
    to you I would say, oh yes they do. They are as real as you and me. They
    are just like you and me too. They have desires that they either rule
    over (through crucifying their flesh with Jesus) or the desires rule
    over them. But we are all the same in that we each choose whom we serve
    and live for. If anything, humor me and answer the following about

    Back to the challenge:

    Do you also believe the same things, that you believed about yourselves, about these people?
    1) You don't believe that being pedosexual AND/OR zoosexual is a sin.
    2) You believe that pedosexuals/zoosexuals are good.
    3) You believe that you can be a pedosexual/zoosexual AND also be a Christian.
    4) You believe that a pedosexuals/zoosexuals were "born that way" vs. everyone chooses for themselves.

    Now surely YOU answered exactly as you did for yourselves. Right?
    1) No
    2) Yes
    3) Yes
    4) Yes

    If not, please answer why?


      really theist? you bring up unrelated sexuality’s that you know they are unjustifiable? so that you can’t be wrong? did you do this so that you can trick the ignorant? your opinion is bias, you have the audacity to call these people wrong for being human? understanding themselves and not following some foolish ancient mytholigy created 3 1/2 millenniums ago by uneducated writers? that there only goal was to herd humans like sheep to believe there specific outlook on the world? and dammed as a outcast if you didn’t?

      may there be a day where the theist’s are rid from the world! so that we may become a race without limits. only knowledge and wisdom is needed to thrive in this world of ours, so what are you waiting for! PLUR :)

      • Rosanna Miller

        Oh, let me think now. Please tell me you do not “have the audacity” to sit all high and mighty, in judgement of me or pedophiles or murderers. I mean, you think YOU and THEY are “human” but I am not? You think a pedophile or murderer isn’t human??? And you call me biased? Who made you God? I know that I am not God but I also know that He exists and knows more than me, I don’t need to understand exactly why He said certain things were a sin but because He did, you better believe that I trust in Him. I know He has nothing but my good in mind. You cannot rid the world of God, you foolish minded man! Oh I know you wish hard for that don’t you. Well I pray that God’s will be done for you too. I look forward to the day when sin will be no more, praise the Lord! :)

        Are you thinking that I meant what I said to mean the same evil thing that you did for me and other believer’s? Because you have no clue and you are wrong…..that’s because you aren’t God.

        • TAKETHAT

          ha, me blindly following anything without proper information to back the subjects existence would make me simple minded? you dare miss inform yourself about what i had wrote? claiming i stated that i “believe” that these individuals are not human, wich in fact is what you where doing by claiming them to be “bound heathen”.

          really theist? you are utterly futile in this argument.

          when did murder come into play?

          remember that morality is subjective, you have no say in what Is right and wrong,

          you live a life of lies! your are still a human none the less but a foolish and ignorant one.



          • Rosanna Miller

            Nah, I didn’t mis-claim anything. You said now “claiming i stated that i “believe” that these individuals are not human”.


          • Rosanna Miller

            Really morality is subjective? So in your world, atheist, there are no moral absolutes? No good or evil? No right or wrong? So murder and stealing isn’t wrong?

            I never claimed to have a say in what is right or wrong, thus me teaching from the One who does have a say in what is right or wrong! And I could care less whether you believe in Him or not. You will have enough thinking about what you believe when you are in hell. Keep telling yourself the hell you are in isn’t real. Eternity is a long time.

            Atheists claim there is no God, which is their cowardly way of claiming themselves to be (a) god. I mean who could make such a claim of absolute certainty about whether something did or didn’t exist, except God? And you are a joke of a god because God wouldn’t be such a coward in expressing whom He was.

            You are without an excuse and you will give account of all you claimed, as being someone who could know what God alone could know. You are going to come face to face with Him, whether you like it or not. You better hope that pride in your heart doesn’t keep you from repenting before it is too late.

            Thank you. I count it a blessing to be called foolish by atheists. Only a fool says there is no God in his heart….FOOL!!!!

          • Aidan M.

            This is what pisses me off about theists. They have morals because they expect some divine reward. Hey lady, atheists have morals because we have something called a CONSCIENCE! I suggest you get one instead of letting the bible be yours. May I remind you that this bible of yours was written 2000 years ago by old, crotchety men who only cared about white, male, straight, non-slave humans.

          • Rosanna Miller

            @Aidan M, yes, I know that you and they have a conscience because I know God exists. They claim to have a conscience apart from God which is laughable.

            You keep speaking as if you know me and then tell me not to pretend to know you. You are no different than anyone else, you cannot demand what you do not give. Well you can but you won’t get very far. Let me remind you that you are only a man with a limited intellect so you really do not know all you think you know about God and the Bible.

            Sounds like you know a lot about yourself and men in general though.

          • http://www.peterblaise.com/ peterblaise

            @rosanna_miller:disqus ,

            Of course morality is relative and subjective — killing and stealing are approved of by government and religious authorities in many situations, including self-defense, retribution, war, collateral damage, unavoidable accident, and so on.

            It’s silly of you to speak for anyone else but yourself, especially your wasteful speculations about atheists, ignoring agnostics and others who believe different or are continually questioning, as even the Pope does daily.

            If you have a relevant point, make it.

          • Rosanna Miller

            @peterblaise:disqus, but yet here you are with your wasteful speculations about theists. How am I ignoring agnostics? I wasn’t speaking about agnostics. An agnostic is not the same as an atheist, in their belief system. An agnostic doesn’t claim there is no God, they don’t claim there is either. An atheist does make the claim that there is no God. So tell me again, who is confusing the issue here.

          • http://www.peterblaise.com/ peterblaise

            What’s the issue here, @rosanna_miller:disqus — you tell me.

          • Rosanna Miller

            I cannot tell you what your issue is here @peterblaise.

          • http://www.peterblaise.com/ peterblaise

            “the” issue, not your issue or my issue.

            It’s hard to re-center on-topic if we don’t know or agree what is the topic.

            Thanks for sharing what was on your mind.

          • Rosanna Miller

            Agree. Likewise.

          • CoreConcept94

            Okay guys please enough!

            @Rosanna Miller is it possible for people to have different morals? Do you believe that an individual can’t be a genuinely good person if they are agnostic or atheist? I think I’m a good person. I love my family I value my friendships, and I don’t jump to conclusions about people. (I’m not saying you do either, just please continue to hear me out). We all make mistakes and we all regret them but we learn from them. If we didn’t learn from our mistakes we’d keep making them? I try my hardest to do the right thing. I know plenty of people from many different walks of life, some atheist, some christian, some pansexual, bisexual, and homosexual. I don’t accuse them of being wrong or sinful because I believe the person you are is more important then your beliefs or your sexual preference. All of those people I know have one thing in common however, and that is be accepted, appreciated, and be seen for the person they are. They want to live in a world with no prejudice, no strife, where everyone sees that we all have differences and are okay with it. Does that not sound like a wonderful thing?

            To everyone else who has commented on this I have this to say: I am agnostic, as Rosanna Miller said and I as well: agnostics believe that a god may or may not exist. We straddle the fence so to speak. I think it isn’t fair that you all have attacked Rosanna millet for expressing her views this is a free country it is our right to express our opinion. Some of you may not agree, that’s fine. Some of you may agree completely, that’s fine too. I just don’t want there to be any bad feelings towards each other. Besides what we all think isn’t really that important. Sure that may sound horrible but think about it. Compared to EVERYTHING else do you really think it matters what he said or what she said? I mean human are a speck, on a speck, on a speck, on a speck, on a speck, on a speck. We are so small and seemingly powerless compared to the vastness of the universe, yet we exist. And we thrive, and we live. We are here, alive, figuring things out and looking up at the sky with amazement that we are even a thing. I think about this amf I can’t help but smile because everything around us just so… complex, beautiful, astounding. I’m glad to be a part of it. So why can’t we all just stop and take it all in every once in a while?

          • Rosanna Miller

            I said, “I mean, you think YOU and THEY are “human” but I am not? Do you think a pedophile or murderer isn’t human???” So who misunderstood whom?

    • bi-sexy-lisa

      I would just like to say that this person is full of it & is probably that person with the bisexual relative that everyone tries to pretend isn’t related to them. Futhermore if you really believe these types of people are destined to burn in hell…why are you on this site, again? Am i the onlt one who sees this as contradictory here?

      • Rosanna Miller

        I hear the desperation in you. It must be Satan. The Truth is a hate to those who choose a lie.

        • CoreConcept94

          Have I not tried to stop this nonsense? Please people stop hating on each other! Rosanna tell me: do you automatically assume what someone says is satanic if they express something that is controversial to what you believe? Let me ask you this: if you had a child and he or she came out of the closet would u resent that that child? Disown it? Or would u love that child no matter what? (This hypothetical please understand that) and if they refused to change? What would you do?

          • Rosanna Miller

            I sure did not see you speak to the spawn of the devil for what they said to me! OF COURSE not, that would require some form of fairness and justice on your part. IF you are going to speak to me about what I say, you HAD BETTER speak to the fool who opened their big, vile mouth first! Understood? GOOD!

            Don’t worry about me, worry about minding your own business! And IF you must try to make things right, make sure you are judging RIGHT!

          • CoreConcept94

            I’m done. I won’t pester you anymore. Have a nice day ma’am. If I offended you I am truly sorry.

          • Rosanna Miller

            You seriously wasn’t pestering me. In all honesty, I don’t like fighting. That doesn’t mean that I won’t fight back. That is why your choice to speak to me about what I said, made no sense, since you totally ignored the one who started the issue. And no, this is not about an eye for an eye. This is about what’s true and right. Had the fool remained silent, we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

          • Rosanna Miller

            As for your question about what I would do if my child “came out of the closet”… well homosexuality is a sin and my child has sinned. I deal with each situation as needed. I am always going to love her and that means that I am going to discipline her when needed, One cannot really disown their child but I am thinking you mean would I kick her out of the house? Well she has ran away 3 times, which is similar to kicking her out. Except she “disowns” us, in essence. I hope never to have to but God’s will be done. My love will never change though. Each time she ran away, I was disappointed and sad but I waited with expectation for her return. (Although, we did look for her.) :)

          • Claudia.o

            Lets get this straight, your child ran away /three/ times and you didn’t think YOU needed to change your attitude?

          • Rosanna Miller

            We aren’t discussing how to discipline my daughter or whether I need to change, since you obviously don’t know anything about us.

          • Rosanna Miller

            WOW! Now I see why you thought you were trying to stop the nonsense! See I had not got your first message to me (until now) because you had not addressed your statement to me. So it got lost in the comments. Thankfully I went through the comments and found yours! Now it all makes better sense. :)

    • anonymous

      What proof other than the bible do you actually have to say that your God is the only God or better yet even real? The bible is a book written by man over many years. There is nothing other than this book of “tales” to state the existence of your God.
      Also, if God created everyone then he created gays and lesbians and if God loves everyone equally than he loves gaysand lesbians.
      You have every right to speak your beliefs like everyone else but you have no right to try and stomp on others beliefs and tell them they are going to hell because they don’t believe the same as you.
      I have been to two c of e schools and neither has tried to tell me that because I am an athieist I am going to hell, they have excepted my beliefs and have not tried to force anything upon me.
      Unless you were actually going to comment something about the website I don’t believe you should have posted anything at all. Also in future please don’t automatically assume that the ‘bad parent’ is of your faith it is considered rude to some.

      • Rosanna Miller

        Your proof will come in the form of you being cast into hell! Is sin worth losing your soul? I think not. I could care less whether you believe in my God! You need to learn there is a God and your soul is at war with truth.

        • James

          all you talk about is you wishing everyone to go to hell maybe you should go to hell, just like you said in one of your comments you have the freedom of speech,religion other people to, not every thing is about you ,other people are different in their own ways . I see that you want to go to heaven and have the perfect life but this isn’t a fairytale ,this is reality, not everything is perfect ,I see why you don’t like it but that doesn’t mean they should take down the website . And I know it sounds like me hating on you but to the other people she can say what she wants just like you but just cuz u can doesn’t mean you have to. Half the people argue that we are different,yes, so we have different mindsets and thoughts but Rosanna has a different way of thinking .Me as a bisexual person found your comments offensive but I can’t do anything about it .You have your way of thinking and I have my way.Yes I do believe that we will go to hell, of it does exsist, but as long as I am happy , I don’t care .As a child I was tought that being gay lesbian bi or any of that is bad at church .If god really loved us all ,then I don’t see a reason why bi gay or lesbian people go to hell. You say what you want and we say what we want ,its our life we can do what we want to so can you. A while back I watched a YouTube video this made me cry so much its called “all we need is love ” I recomwnt you watching this. It Wont change you thoughts and beliefs but I want you to watch it . If you can. Thanks . I agree with all your statements and allthe others but cool it with the sending people to hell.

          • Rosanna Miller

            Your opinion is noted, thank you. I have seen it, thank you for the suggestion. And I haven’t sent anyone to hell. If they get there it will be because they chose to go there. I hope they repent and seek Jesus, while they can.

            Of course I don’t have to reply but neither do they. I left my comment for this story that was posted. They didn’t respect my freedom of religion and speech! This isn’t me replying to their posts, they commented on my post.

            You were decent and you should feel the same way about my reply to you. As far as you being offended with my beliefs, you should know that God finds your lifestyle to be offensive. As do I! I have a daughter that is being influenced by an idiot who has no respect for us, as her parents. So I am furious with him. And his being bi-sexual makes me want to vomit because she is now saying that she is bi-sexual. I AM HER MOTHER!!!! WHO THE HELL DOES HE THINK HE IS?!? PIECE OF DUNG IS WHAT HE IS!!!

            So yeah, go ahead and be offended by the Truth!! I look forward to the end of this filthy, self-seeking generation!!

          • http://www.peterblaise.com/ peterblaise


            Why do you think that your daughter is NOT bisexual or homosexual?

            Have her write in and tell us herself.

            Her life is her life, not yours

          • Matt

            did this damn discussion finally stop? pathetic.

        • Claudia.O

          @Rosanna Miller
          Stop shoving your beliefs down other peoples throats, its okay for you tp have your beliefs and opinions but PLEASE keep them to yourself. If your truly worried about your child and what she reads/sees on the internet then put browser blocks on the computer and monitor what she does.

          • Rosanna Miller

            How the hell am I doing anything different than you? I’m not! So maybe when people learn to zip their lips, they won’t hear me. KEEP YOUR OPINIONS TO YOURSELF, SELF-RIGHTEOUS HYPOCRITE!!!

          • http://www.peterblaise.com/ peterblaise

            Ahhhh — NOW I get it, @rosanna_miller:disqus:

            — you think people listen with their lips!

            That explains a lot about your approach and your comments so far.

            And probably brings up an 8th type of sexuality, too!



  • erica ramirez

    who gives a fuck, lets watch Netflix.

  • Joeblob

    Fags ;op

  • cdplay76

    ok what is it when your a woman, that’s turned on by her sometimes CD husband, and other CDs and their wives, but isn’t really lesbian.??

  • Jade L.

    I’ve been searching everwhere to find out what was wrong with me. I am a senior in high school and never really considered my lack of attraction to anyone to be a problem. My friends had pointed out why I never had a boyfriend or had sex. I think its wonderful to have a relationship but I never really thought of sex. I would have to to form a deep connection with someone before I could consider anything sexual. I think what I am getting at is what am I?

  • shaylyn

    This world is full of people who judge one another and I cant stand it love is love it shouldn’t matter who you love

  • Confused

    But I don’t get it, SEXuality boils down to sex, so shouldn’t there only be hetero, homo, and a sexual sexualities? Everyone takes in personality when determining who to sleep with, I don’t understand why this is its own sexuality. There are only two binary sexs, why does poly sexuality Exist? And isn’t pansexuality really Bisexuality? People made many of these up to feel special

  • weird but funny girl xD

    I always wondered if there were different sexualities then just “straight ” homosexual or bisexual because health teachers don’t talk about sex in school they don’t teach kids what can happen if you have unprotected sex or the different types of sexualities there are. I am only 13 and yes im still young but i am also being raised in a time period where there are movies,tv shows videos even tweets that are being made and posted everywhere that either talks about having sex or gives you the hint that there the couple in the tv show,movie, book or tweet are having sex or about to have sex. I know that some schools don’t want to teach pre-teens or regular teenagers about sex because they don’t want the students to start thinking of having sex but teenagers need to know the out comes about having sex and the different types of sexualities.

  • Savannah

    Wow , I have read through the comments and its intriguing. The human mind has always had this effect on me , the different thoughts different people have. I once tried to believe in god but no matter how much I learned about the religion I could never believe it. But I’m going to go on about the way some people think about it as talking from the religion Christianity. What is it about ? Is the religion not about love , forgiveness and respect for everyone ? As the bible talks about don’t they say ”love the sinner, hate the sin”. Then why do some people continually talk about how those certain people will go to hell just because of something they said . Why do you care about what another thinks , one day you will die and never be on Earth again. If someone does not think the same way as you then so be it. Every individual no matter what you believe or think WILL be different in one way or another , if that’s what religion you think or how good at math you are , you will NEVER find someone exactly the same.

  • Keira

    Can I please say, that “transsexualism” is NOT a sexuality? It pertains to the transgender people who do go through surgery, yes, but it does not mean that it is in any way, a sexual orientation.

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