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The Urban Retreat 2013 was the place to be in D.C. I am excited to be apart of  a wonderful organization, such as Advocates for Youth. The trip inspired in a lot of ways. I am so eager to fight for the rights of women, homosexuals, and youth. The Urban retreat provided me with all that I will need to fight with. The staff was amazing and the actual student student advocates were great to be around.  There was  never a dull moment. I was glad to be in the Washington D.C. metropoliton area because i would like to attend school there one day(Howard U). There was a group of people that i encountered, I will never forgert, and they were from other countries!The international group!I could not believe that people would actually ridicule them for being themselves. Althoug,h we live in different countries, they will always be my life long friends. I expect all of them to be at my wedding. I learned so much about the rights and statuses of members of the LGBTQIA society. The urban retreat was a breath of fresh air that i needed. I look forward to going every year. The urban retreat taught me to be confortable with my sexuality along with accepting and embrancing all types of sexual orientation. I <3 Advocates For Youth

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