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Jen from Change.org always posts amazing things on the Women’s Rights section of the website. Today, PETA released their new billboard in support of going Vegetarian and taking meat out the daily diet of Americans, with one little problem, they completeley disrespected people that are larger.

So, what does this say to people that are obese.. they are are the reason the country is in trouble when it comes to health, and that’s why people should be vegetarian, or because it’s not  "Cool" to be fat? Or are they trying to say all "Vegetarians" are skinny and look better in a bikini then a meat eater?


Montel Williams, popular Television talk show host, is an avid supporter of PETA, but he is not happy about the recent Ad Campaign. He recently did an interview with the PETA spokesperson, Lindsey Wrajt.

You can find the interview here:

What does this say about PETA? Have they gone too Far?

It’s true that obesity has become a major epidemic in the country, but should we make fun of people that are larger to promote a health plan?


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