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Today is the first ever National Youth HIV/AIDS Awareness Day and I am urging folks to participate by learning about sexuality and sexual health, talking to friends and family and making these discussions informative and empowering, and preventing the spread of ignorance and diseases.

Taking the time to learn about our own bodies, living healthy, protecting ourselves, dealing with emotions, breaking barriers, and understanding the wide spectrum of sexuality is a must, no matter what age you may be.

I strongly believe that prevention is our biggest weapon and our only way of conquering this fight is through educating, informing, and talking.

There are no more reasons or valid excuses for youth to continue to put themselves at risk. Whether it is at home or in school, discussions about HIV/AIDS and sexual education are needed in order to stop more people from getting infected and break stigma.

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  • EltonMac

    True! there is so much young people are lacking which makes them so vulnerable… Young people need Love, Action and Support!