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This semester, The Great American Condom Campaign at Chesapeake College turned overly fun because we played BINGO! I wish I had gotten pictures but all the school photographers were playing with us! It was so awesome! There were people that didn’t have time to play but walked up and weren’t afraid to ask for condoms. I let them take them from the box and they had a blast. I also had a presentation in one of my classes and I did it on the GACC. As my visual aid, I handed out condoms to the class. Half the class was scared to take them and the ones that should have were the ones that didn’t. I really think I am helping people change their views on sexual health. It makes me feel good to help people.

Categories: Condoms
  • SigningSarah

    Awesome kat! Wish I could have been there. & hopefully in the future I can become a safe site to!