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So since the last post I’ve been thinking what should I blog about this time.. and it dawned on me. Why not blog about stereotyping and how it affects ones development?
Stereotyping has existed for centuries and even in today’s modern world continues to rear its head. You would think in a progressive society, stereotypes would be washed away, but even today it is not uncommon for people to have a tendency to place stereotypes on one another.
Being criticized for the way you walk and talk and even the way you dress is wrong, we do not know what an individual goes through in there life. So calling someone Gay because they speak English or they wear nice clothes and they don’t look like you or calling a girl a slut because she unfortunately became pregnant while attending high school is not only wrong but you have no idea how it affects that person mentally.
How can we stop stereotyping?
By eliminating misconceptions, it opens up for diversity of opinions, ideas or innovative solutions due to the uniqueness of personalities. People who stereotype shut themselves out by not embracing the wonders of diversity and instead focus on untrue assumptions; much can be learned from one another when a conscious attempt to not generalize is made.
While stereotypes will unfortunately continue to exist, if society focuses on open communication and develops a tolerance for understanding differences, this will hopefully eventually lead to erasure of some of these misconceived stereotyped preconceptions. We don’t know what the situation of the next person is so let’s just approach one another with an open mind.

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