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This past week, I attended a meeting to discuss the use of LARCs – Long-acting Reversible Contraception methods—and to my surprise, learned a lot. LARCs are growing in popularity as a chosen contraception method because of what seems to be an once-in-a-lifetime application to protect you from pregnancy.

We’ve all seen the commercials of the various women with their children and husband, too busy to possibly have more. They speak of all the possibilities of life for themselves without the addition to the family. This commercial is for Mirena (and those of you that may not remember what I’m talking about, I have included the video below).

What we don’t get in the one minute commercials are the facts about this form of LARC, which is very important. Some important facts are:

•· There are a variety of LARCs that can be in place for 3, 5, or 10 years – or less if you choose
•· Some don’t release hormones or chemicals into your body
•· They do NOT cause infertility

For a young woman as myself: involved in many activities, in school, working two jobs, and constantly adding to my to-do list, the last thing I want to worry about is having a baby. This seems like the ideal form of birth control. No worries about forgetting to take a pill every day. No conference conflicts with getting my shots, and not to mention any known weight gain. No extremely noticeable patch on my arm that screams “I’M HAVING SEX”; so why not one of the LARCs?

This was the problem discussed during the conference: promotion among the youth. I wanted to open the doors and ask the questions to my peers: what would be your biggest concern with using LARCs compared to any other form of birth control? Are the advertisements for Mirena and the other LARC methods effective for our age group? What do they say to you?

I look forward to all the comments!

…and remember, abstinence is the ONLY method 100% effective against the spread of STIs and pregnancy! :)