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In the May 2010 issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine, they’re calling semen the "new wonder drug." 

"The most newsworthy perk to pop up is that semen, when absorbed through the walls of the vagina, may help prevent depression.  In a series of studies, researchers recruited more than 1,000 young women and asked them about condom use.  Roughly half the sexually active women said they regularly use condoms, and half said they usually go bare.  The researchers then tested the women’s emotional status and found that those who didn’t use condoms– and had therefore been exposed to semen– were less depressed than those who used protection."

(Check out the rest of the article for more ridiculous claims about semen on page 210 of the mag.)

Um, excuse me?  Cosmo, who is your audience? Young adults, right?  Isn’t this also the age group who is most at risk for contracting sexually transmitted infections?  Cosmo, Cosmo, Cosmo…where are your heads!? You CANNOT publish something like this!!! Articles like this do nothing but make young women think twice about what we’re trying to teach them. 

Cosmo says their audience is the 18-30 year old age group.  However, we know that teens are reading this magazine.  I read it all through high school.  I took everything it said and believed it whole-heartedly.  What happens to the young high school girls who pick this up?  We already know that they’re not receiving the sexual health education that they deserve, so chances are, they’re already not using contraception regularly/correctly.  Add this into the mix, and they’re goners!


Okay.  Here’s a scenario.  Young woman, 20 years old.  Recently diagnosed with depression.  College student. Sexually active.  She’s taking medications, but they’re not really working for her.  She comes across this article and instantly believes that by cutting out condom use, her depression will lessen.  What happens then!?  Regardless of her use of hormonal birth control, her risk for contracting sexually transmitted infections will skyrocket.  


I’ve already written them a letter, but I encourage you to do the same.  Tell Cosmo that we wont stand for this!  There are three options for contacting them. 


You can write them a letter and mail it to:
Cosmopolitan Magazine
Editorial Offices
300 West 57th St.
38th Fl.
New York, NY 10019


Email them here:



Or, post a comment about this month’s issue at: http://www.cosmopolitan.com/contribute/magazine/appear-in/this-months-issue  


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