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Number one, I don’t like Christians who misquote the bible; so far, all the Christians I have met misquote the bible, especially when one speaks of homosexuality. The story of “Sodom and Gomorrah is boorishly quoted!” well, the story of ‘Sodom and Gomorrah’ in the Bible is about RAPE amongst other things; it is certainly not about homosexuality. Read the account again, the city was destroyed not for consensual sex between members of the same sex. People often say they are against same-sex relationships because of the Bible. But the Bible also says not to eat pork, not to fornicate, not to work on a Sabbath day…. If one discriminates against homosexual people based on the Bible; should the same people also follow all the laws contained in Leviticus? Perspectives, everyone’s got their own; moral, ethical, legal, religious, social… life is all about perspective. Groups are formed when people sharing similar perspectives aggregate and the perspective of the larger group over any one geographical area forms the dominant and acceptable culture of the people even though differing perspectives may exist, sometimes facing active suppression and discrimination. And new generations grow into them accepting them as “the norm”. There have been several instances as well where “the acceptable” has been challenged and changed all throughout history. The only way I see peaceful co-existence being possible, is if people realized that not everyone shared their perspectives and people with different perspectives are not necessarily the enemy, unless of course they pose a threat of harming or actually harm them in anyway. Number two, I don’t like laws that support injustice and disregards the needs of the vulnerable and the minority in society. I think the most utilitarian way of looking at any issue is from the legal perspective. Because no matter what your take on life is; the christian, the muslim, the buddhist, the atheist, the okomfo, everybody bows down to the law at the end of the day. In Ghana, any form of “unnatural carnal knowledge” is against the law. By definition of the law, “natural carnal knowledge” translates as the penis entering the vagina. Therefore, if you are a man and you have anal sex with a woman, you’re culpable since it’s “unnatural carnal knowledge”. This also makes oral sex illegal, which means even more felons. We need to push a conversation about civil and human rights as they extend to same-sex couples in Ghana. I’m hopeful that eventually Ghana’s laws will come in line ‘freedom and justice”.

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