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Here is a post about Teen Health Now’s 2011 World AIDS Day event by Teen Health Now member Emilio Vicente:

Distributing Condoms at UNC!

Last week we passed out condoms at UNC. Needless to say it was very fun and informative. Seeing people’s expressions when they saw the condoms was hilarious! We had them in goodie bags, all of which included information about Teen Health Now, and how to be protective of their sexual health. We had met up the night before at our coordinator’s house and prepared them all while catching up, making some delicious cookies, and listening to some good songs.

When passing out the condoms we let people know that it as World DIDS Day, which many people were unaware of. We had initially thought that we would be passing out the bags until 2pm but were happily surprised when we were out of bags by noon. The goodie bags were like hot chocolate, most of the times that we offered them people would take them. We were also helped by our coordinator’s HUGE Great Dane, who was great at getting attention. Students would come over and ask to met him. He was a great way to get people to come over to us and talk to them.  Everyone was happy.

It was my first time passing out condoms at UNC and I can say that students were receptive to taking them. It was a fun experience and I can’t wait for next year. Until then Happy Holidays!

Check out photos of our event on our Facebook Page.