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Young people, especially those from Africa, have often been described as observers who sit back and expect things to be done for them, not willing to take initiative and do things for themselves. For others who hold the same view, innovation is a far-fetched venture and unattainable  for them. Well if you shared a similar view, then meet Kariuki from Kenya, a young man who has made those who made these claims revisit their stance. He is an innovator and entrepreneur. He is a business man or rather a “business boy” as some call him but regardless of the title attributed to him, he has proven beyond reasonable doubt that the African young person can bring about change in his community, Africa, and in the world at large.

He has turned down offers to work with Google, and other dream corporations other young people would run to if an offer was made. He is self-employed and yet he addressed all the Heads of State in the just-ended AU summit In Malabo, showing them just why other African should be empowered — for there are a good number of young people just like him who with the right resources would move mountains. Today Karuiki has inspired thousands of African young people even me, to believe in myself and whatever i do.

He shares his experience in this video:

By Abongwa Victor
International Youth Journalist

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