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 Betty is only 16 years old, she keeps wondering why her world is so cold, why she is not pretty and nobody seems to like her, her alcoholic step father always wants to strike her. He yells and abuses and leaves her with some bruises. Her teachers ask questions about her bruises and she keeps making up excuses, bleeding on the inside crying on the outside. Only one girl knows what all this about her name is Edith. Betty and Edith had been friends and they promised to be friends till the end until one day Edith died of abortion and Betty becomes lonely.

Her mother, cumbered with so much stress never has time for her. She leaves home early and returns late. Adams her neighbor sneaks into the house when Betty’s mum is out and tries to have sex with her but she resists but gets convinced by Adams  that it’s going to be fun. She tries to tell her mum but her mum doesn’t believe her. Little Betty met Sammy her school mate who is 17, emotions run deep and she thinks she is in love so she is having sex using no protection and he is using no glove, never thinking about the consequences of her actions living for today’s not tomorrows satisfaction. The days goes by and her belly gets big, the father bails out because he is not ready for a kid. Betty lives poor and has got no money for abortion! Betty is trapped in a world of her own and needs help. But she knows her condition how she go dey do this kind tin sef?SOS…

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