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A large number of teenagers in Nepal engage in pre-marital sex. But what is perturbing is that majority of them engage in “unsafe sex”.

According to a recent research study the trend of unsafe pre-marital sex is also increasing. The reasons for this alarming trend are many, from the influence of globalisation to easy access to information, the study concluded.

The findings of the study were revealed at the inaugural session of a three-day national conference, organised by Society for Local Integrated Development Nepal (SOLID Nepal), titled ‘Young People’s Sexual Health in Nepal: The Way Forward’. Health experts who took part in the conference pointed out that the younger generation is adopting liberal views on sex and sexuality.

The practice of delayed marriage is increasingly giving way to premarital and risky sexual activity. As a result the rate of unplanned pregnancies has been rising, leading to an increase in the rate of teenage suicide and unsafe abortion.

“A growing proportion of young people are engaging in pre-marital sexual intercourse and safe-sex practices are often not adhered to, particularly among young people with multiple sexual partners and those who have contact with commercial sex workers,”

. However, it also points out that “the knowledge of contraception among young people in Nepal is very limited and its use, almost negligible.

” According to estimates, 40,000 people are living with HIV/AIDS in Nepal and one third of the infected numbers are people under 25 years of age. Similarly, 42 percent of the estimated 25,000 commercial sex workers in Nepal are estimated to be between the ages of 15 to 19.

" Advocacy & Awareness program  regards Reproductive & Sexual Health is must required in the wide range for the youth Blood in present Scnerio…."  

"Let us Together join in hands to enhance the improvement of this issue "

if not today then when???….

if not me , u , us then who??

" Our Joint Effort can bring the great changes in  the nation & across the world "

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