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Lifestyle is a choice. Unfortunately, many people disagree with lifestyles of their peers, neighbors, and fellow citizens. As a politician, you take on the responsibility of serving all of your constituents, regardless of race, gender, political affilitation, sexual orientation, or physical disability. You are not able to pick and choose which of your constituents to cater to, although many times that is exactly what happens.

North Carolina State Representative Larry Brown has made it his goal to exclude the HIV/AIDS Community from his legislative goals. He stated the government should not spend money to treat adults with HIV or AIDS who "caused it by the way they live."  Rep. Brown continued to allude that "perverted lifestyles" are what causes AIDS, and the the government should not waste money on AIDS funding. He also expressed his support for amending the NC constitution to include defining marriage as between a man and a woman, further limiting the ability for homosexuals to get the right to marry in North Carolina.

What worries me is this: when does the government retain the right dictate what lifestyles are permitted and which are condemned? And if this is a power of the government, will tobacco and obesity prevention be stricken as well since they are "lifestyle choices."? Also, if a medical condition like AIDS isn’t funded by the government, what will happen to those individuals who absolutely need this care?

I shudder at the thought where I, a seventeen year old student, will be ignored because I live the life of a student… where I’m not a priority because I live a different lifestyle than those in power.

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