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One thing that I like most about advocating for comprehensive sex education is the reaction that I get from people when I ask them what their opinions are about it. The most candid reactions make for the best and honest responses in my opinion. I asked people if they wanted to take part in a video project for Alabama Alliance for Healthy Youth and once they agreed, I just pressed record and hit them with questions about sex education. To the people who did not know that the topic was about sex, the expressions were golden in my eyes. Each person’s expression and reaction to the topic speechlessly indicated how “taboo” this topic might be for them. It was definitely obvious for some people that sex is something that is not commonly discussed in their day to day lives. The conversation I had with each person consisted of questions like the following: what type of sex education that was provided in their schools? Did you have people that you attended school with that became pregnant or have children? What are your responses to legislators not supporting the Real Education for Healthy Youth Act which would bring in more funding for comprehensive sexual health education? and Why do you think comprehensive sex education is important? To start the conversation off, I would make sure to state educational sex statistics about the U.S. or Alabama to catch their attention. I think starting with a statistic was very instrumental in keeping the conversation going. A good number of the people that I talked to already believed that sex education was important but it seems like at the realization of the statistics behind sex today in America such as every 9.5 minutes, someone is infected with HIV or that Alabama has the 4th highest gonorrhea and chlamydia rates in youth ages 15-19, the general reaction I received showed an increase in the need and urgency for sex education to increase. My only commentary is that there is clearly a need to continue raising awareness about people’s sexual health rights and how they are being affected in today’s society. Ignorance is not and it will never be bliss! Let’s keep the movement going so that we may continue to crusade for the rights, respect, and responsibility of our youth!


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