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After my experience campaigning for the GAAC and petitioning for World Aids Awareness Day, reading this article really solidified a couple of my experiences. I thought it important to share. When handing out free condoms I came across a good number of homosexual men on my campus who refused them claiming they didn’t need them. Some even asked me what I thought they could possibly need them for. I was surprised because I’d wrongly assumed that the homosexual community had a leg up on being educated about safe sex and diseases like HIV. While petitioning, many men were very open with me about being HIV positive. They told me their stories, including their regrets and hopes for the future. This article made me realize that it wasn’t just my experience or community but that misconceptions about safe sex and HIV are prevalent all over, making what we do extremely important.

Rachel MacDonald is a student at the University of Houston – Downtown where she serves as the President of the Texas Freedom Network Student Chapter. This is her first year to be a member of the Cultural Advocacy Mobilization Initiative (CAMI), a partnership of Advocates for Youth.

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