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Wowzers! I haven’t posted in awhile!! Ok, if I haven’t mentioned it before in any of my previous posts, I’m somewhere between "coming out" and "living openly". (I’m out to basically everyone and their grandma, except my family–minus my trans cousin.) I don’t have a problem telling acquaintances, teachers, random citizens living in cardboard boxes on the sidewalk about my sexuality because I am very proud of my love of other people’s breasts, HOWEVER, I DO, on the other hand, have a gia-huge-ic problem telling my family. I had planned on at least coming out to my mom this summer because I wouldn’t have school to distract me, but as of March, I am no longer a single lady. "How is this a problem?" some of you may ask, well, allow me to elaborate… My girlfriend (let’s just call her "Bee") comes from a Catholic extremist family (PROBLEM #1), aside from that, her family in general is very homophobic (PROBLEM #2), she is just starting to "come out of her little rainbow shell" and is still kind of nervous about her sexuality with others (PROBLEM #3), my mom already thinks she’s just some akward, nerdy goof ball–and she is, but that’s beside the point (PROBLEM #4). Problems #1 and #2 concern me the most. (Before I offend anyone, it’s certainly not the fact that she’s Catholic). Bee was talking to her parents one day and she jokingly said "Haha, what would you do if I were gay??" and her parents told her they would send her to a homo rehab camp without batting an eyelash. Yeah, scary…… This also concerns me because once I come out to my mom, she’ll want to know who my girlfriend is, and I’ll tell her (there being no point in denying it), then she’ll tell Bee’s mom and it’ll all turn into one big clusterfrik. (I have a potty mouth.) Now, I’m even more afraid to come out because me doing so also puts her at risk, and she’s so………would "fragile" be the right word? But I really just want to get the coming out process over with so I don’t have to tip-toe around the subject of relationships until I move out.

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