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In our country Nepal, various sociocultural and religious aspects do not allow the consumption of certain food items during pregnancy. theses food taboos are,

  • restriction of fish during pregnancy.
  • restriction of fruits mainly jack fruit.
  • pregnant women should eat less food.

food taboos are highly practiced in village communities than towns and country have more than 70% villages.It has only negative consequences in pregnant women health.the physiological state of pregnant women is completely different from normal women. She requires more nutritive food and extra care during the period. Fish and fruits are the vital source of vitamins like vitamin A, B-complex, vitamin C. less food consumption may leads to the malnutrition of mother and child, which causes low birth weight of baby. Anemia,vitamin deficiency diseases,complication during labor which increases the mortality of infant and mother.it is hard to change the society habits but change is not impossible. we must challenge theses false nutritional knowledge.


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