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Tomorrow is World AIDS Day (December 1, 2012).  It is day of remembrance and spreading awareness.

HIV awareness is important to me because I am a Peer Health Educator and care that others do not have access to information that they can use to make informed decisions about their sexual health.  Also, on a personal level, I know people who are HIV positive and are healthy because they have access to treatment, and because they had prior knowledge about HIV and what it means to live positive.

As young people we need to Act Aware by:

Getting informed about how HIV is transmitted, prevented and treated.

Speaking up and have open dialogue with our friends, family, and representatives about the importance about the importance of HIV Awareness and Services.  Specifically on how Comprehensive Sexual Health Education can inform young people about HIV and other sexually transmitted infections/diseases.

Practicing safer sex by communicating with your partners about condom usage (or other barrier methods), getting tested regularly, and by having open communications about your HIV status with (or other sexually transmitted infections/diseases) with your partners.

Getting tested regularly to know your status is important step in preventing the spread of HIV.

Getting treatment if you are HIV positive .  There is no shame in living with HIV.  A person with HIV can live a long, happy and healthy. Being treated for HIV can also help in preventing the spread of HIV.

Act Aware because HIV prevention is possible and it starts with you.

Act Aware by getting involved!


Find Your Representative  (How to find out who your representative so you can tell them why HIV Awareness is important)

CDC: HIV/AIDS (CDC information of HIV/AIDS)

MTV HIV Awareness (Mtv provides HIV Awareness)

AIDS (The US Government providing information on HIV/AIDS)

World AIDS Day UK (International HIV Awareness Efforts)