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Feminist Reproductive Justice Advocate! Programs and Policy Associate at Reproductive Health Technologies Project.
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Photo Credit: Sacramento Earth Day

Crossposted from Everyday Feminism

Today is Earth Day.

It’s a day that many of us associate with recycling and celebrating trees, wildlife, and rivers. And as a recreational tree-hugger, I can appreciate those traditional connotations of Earth Day.

But today’s environmental issues run much broader than just our waterways and forests.

Examining environmental issues with a feminist lens enables us to see the intersection of gender, socio-economics, and the environment.

The exploration and study of this intersection is formally referred to as eco-feminism.…

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What do reproductive and sexual health have to do with the environment and Earth Day?

A whole lot.

When we think of Earth Day, visions of green recycling signs and oceans often come to the forefront of our minds. But today’s environmental issues run much broader and deeper than just our recycling bins and waterways.

Natural disasters and resource shortages hit impoverished communities first and worst. With women making up an estimated 70% of those living below the poverty line, …

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Whether we choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day or not, the fact of the matter is that it’s nearly impossible to ignore the roses, teddy bears and big red hearts abound today.

Of course the big elephant in the room on Valentine’s Day is sex — oftentimes the unspoken piece of the puzzle amongst all of those cheesy gifts.

Part of being responsible while sexually active on Valentine’s Day and every day is practicing consent with your partner(s) as well as safe sex. But what about the impact your …