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Let’s face it ladies, it seems as though having your period can really really suck at time. When women experience our “time of the month” some women may feel as though they are experiencing one of the worst week of our lives. We are bloated, cranky, and generally not ourselves.  The menstrual period (the actual week of bleeding) can alter our body chemistry in a multitude of ways. Also did you know that the menstrual cycle (The continuous cycle that takes place every month) happens in four different stages? More information on that can be found here (http://www.netplaces.com/getting-pregnant/menstrual-cycle-basics/four-phases-of-the-menstrual-cycle.htm) Do you believe that there are actual changes in how we feel and act according to our menstrual period? According to a new study, there are other “side effects” that we only experience during our “special” week, but even with what may seems like a bunch of negatives to having a menstrual period, it isn’t at all bad. I mean after all, it is a sign that our “baby making machines” are turned on if we are interested in reproducing.  For more info on the article mentioned above, check out this article (http://www.cosmopolitan.com/_mobile/advice/health/period-side-effects). How would you describe any affects during the “special” week for women in your own words?

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